Day 58 – 1% Change {90-Day Challenge} How to Stream-Line

Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker.  Failure is delay, not defeat.  It is a temporary detour, not a dead end.  Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.
~Denis Waitley

Day 58 - 90

Do you ever feel like you are SpInNiNg pLaTeS and it won’t be long until they all come crashing down?  I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself in that predicament.  My personality type has tendencies to over-commit.  I impulsively say “Yes” to something and then realize shortly thereafter, “Oops.  I should have never agreed to this!”

In the last few years I have taken some time to learn more about myself.  After all, one of the principles of Peace with Food is KnOw YoUrSeLf.  In this process I have come to understand HoW I Am WiReD and the strengths and weaknesses inherent with that wiring.  And I have also had a lot of failures.

But these failures have served a HiGhEr PuRpOsE.  They have helped me peel the onion so to speak – getting me more StReAm-LiNeD aNd SmArTeR as to what works and what doesn’t.

When I started this journey I began with a huge gap between where I was regarding Peace With Food and where I wanted to be.  With each “failure” {a.k.a mess up, throw in the towel, slip up} I close that gap a little bit more by CrEaTiNg A sYsTeM that eliminates the little foxes that tripped me up.   (I talked about little foxes – those little things that seem so insignificant, but that make the biggest difference – in my last post.)

This is what stream lining is all about.  It is removing those little things that cause the biggest problems and instead creating what my mentor, John C. Maxwell, calls systems.  Here is his definition of a system:

A process for predictably achieving a goal based on specific, orderly, repeatable principles and practices.
{From The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth page 109}

One example of a system that you no doubt will be able to relate to is our system of traffic lights in the US.  When you approach an intersection, you don’t have to think about what you need to do.  You just AuToMaTiCaLLy go if the light is green and stop if it is red.  No indecisiveness.  No hesitancy.  Instead you know exactly what to do.

How would you like to have systems in place that take away the second guessing and indecisiveness?  Systems that are intentional and purposeful, ultimately helping you AcHiEvE YoRr GoaLs and honor your priorities?

Life just runs smoother with systems.

Stay tuned to my next post.  I will share with you some of my systems to help give you ideas for creating your own systems.  But in the meantime, ask yourself:

What systems do I have in place?

System for BrEaFfAsT?

System for snacking?

System for getting my kids up and OuT tHe DoOr to school in the morning and doing it in P E A C E!

System for dealing with temptation?

System for going to the grocery store?

Do you have systems?  Are they EfFeCtiVe?

Your Robynn




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Find Your Anchor

What's Your AnchorI’ll admit it.  Life at times can throw me for a loop.  There are times when I enter choppy waters and it’s a challenge to keep my head above the waters.

It’s in times like this that I am grateful for the anchors that keep me steady.  After all, being steady and consistent is what helps us reach our goals.

What are your anchors?  What helps keep you steady?  The answer will vary for us all.  As with everything, there is no one size fits all which is why knowing our selves is so vitally important.

My anchors include having a clean and organized space, spending time in quiet reflection, my posse, and my faith.  Those are some of my anchors.

What helps you stay centered and focused?  What will help you weather the storm?

What anchors you?

Your Robynn


Take-Home Message:  Choppy waters are inevitable, but you can be prepared and have hope that when they do come, you’ll be ready, steady, and secure.

Put Your Blinders On

Last week I talked about wearing your blinders when focusing on a goal. I thought I’d take it a step further this week… Do you make decisions based on the people around you?  DeeP dOwN did you decide to buy a new car because all your friends and family recently upgraded theirs?  Did you put your kid in t-ball because you felt the pressure from the other parents?  Have you recently felt the need to go on an extreme diet because you bumped into an old classmate that lost a bunch of weight? Whether it is what you buy, the vocation you choose, how you raise your kids, or the way you live your life, we must ask ourselves this question: If I couldn’t see others and what they are doing, would I still be making the same decisions? 

So many times we forget to think on our own because we are heavily influenced by other people.  Doug (my husband) and I talk about this a lot.  In our decison making we have to constantly remind ourselves that, if we didn’t care what others thought, would we still go down the same path? It is in these situations it is important to know yourself. Take buying a home for example.  Would you have purchased your home if you didn’t know what type of home everyone else lived in? Without thinking about it, you went house hunting feeling obligated to want certain things because you knew what other people have.  Even though they weren’t there, the influence talked you into buying an expensive home, and you are left with the stress of keeping up with the payments.

The same applies to peace with food. Are you going to ignore what exercise and foods are best for you, only because everyone else is on the latest workout and diet plan? When you are at a crossroad to make a decision, ask yourself WHO you are doing it for. Like a race horse with blinders on, tune out what’s going on around you and focus on what YOU want.  It isn’t always easy, but living YOUR life will be the ultimate pRiZe when reaching the finish line.  Your Lara
Take-Home Message: Regardless what everyone else is doing, do what is best for you.

Let Wisdom Do the Heavy Lifting


There’s a saying we have in Peace with Food regarding wisdom and it is this:  Let wisdom do the heavy lifting.

Let’s face it.  There are times we don’t think too clearly.  We make rash decisions that we later regret.  It’s as if, for a few fleeting seconds, we lose our minds and when we finally come to, it’s too late.

Like the time I was so close to reaching a goal weight.  I was so close I could taste it and yet I blew it by going through the Krispy Kreme drive thru and buying a bunch of donuts.  (I’m not even going to tell you how many “a bunch” is!)  Why did I do that?!

Have you ever experienced that?  If you’re like me, too many times to count.

That is, until I learned to let wisdom do the heavy lifting.

What exactly do I mean when I say, “Let wisdom do the heavy lifting”? Basically this:  Do for yourself when you are strong what you cannot do for yourself when you are weak.

It is knowing myself, my point of weakness and temptation and then planning ahead to ensure I will come out victorious when faced with that situation.

For example, if I know that my weakness is buying chips and cookies when walking past those aisles in the grocery store, I use wisdom by making sure I avoid those aisles as much as possible.  I map out ahead of time what I am going to do in those times of temptation.  The advantage of doing this is that I use wisdom when I am strong rather than relying on my fickle willpower in the heat of the moment.  It is in these non-tempting moments that I can best plan out my escape route in moments of temptation.

So if I get tripped up by some temptation or circumstance, it is best to plan ahead when my head is clear and I feel strong.  Because like it or not, temptation is coming, but I can be prepared if I let wisdom do the heavy lifting.

Your Robynn

Take-Home Message:  Let wisdom do the heavy lifting by doing for yourself when you are strong what you cannot do when you are weak.

Boundaries Versus Rules

rules and boundaries

We’ve said that we don’t like rules when it comes to weight loss.  Rules regarding what to eat, how to exercise, and the scale.    But just because we don’t like rules doesn’t mean we don’t have boundaries.  We do.

Maybe you’re wondering what the difference is between a rule and a boundary.  Here’s our definition of the two:

Rules are dictated by others (or ourselves) due to preference or the way one thinks something should be done.

Boundaries, on the other hand are predetermined, based on your strengths, weaknesses and circumstances.  

Your boundaries regarding how you eat, exercise, and approach the scale and your body are pre-set, just like a piece of property you purchase.  You don’t get to determine where the boundary lines are.  Instead, you just find out where the boundaries are so that you can stay within them.  The same holds true for you regarding Peace with Food.

Your boundary lines are predetermined by your strengths, your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, and your tendencies.  Once you know yourself in these categories and use wisdom, you will see your boundary lines very clearly, drawn up for you right before your very eyes.

For example, I know that having bag fulls of chips and packages of cookies and pastries in my pantry would lead to temptation, so I just choose not to have them in my house.  If there is ever an occasion for chips such as a BBQ, I am not against having them, but once that BBQ is over, I don’t want them hanging around.

There are other snacks I like a lot, such as vanilla ice-cream but that don’t tempt me.  Because I am not tempted to indulge in it, having it in the freezer is within my boundaries.

I also know that if don’t allow myself to indulge every now and again, I am setting myself up for disaster.  So my boundaries include opportunities to indulge and enjoy food on special occasions, or when I am feeling the need.  I am not talking about a total binge.  That never gives me peace and always leaves me feeling free.

Do you see how my temptations  and tendencies determined the boundaries for me?  And you can do the same.  It all comes back to knowing yourself.  Once you do you will find that your boundaries are very clear.  Stay within those boundaries and they will guide you to peace.

Your Robynn



Take home message:  Determine your boundaries and then make plans to stay within them.



DAY 30- Recap The 30-Day PWF Challenge

Tomorrow is Bonus Day so make sure you check in as we will be giving you one more very important item in Peace with Food!

Congratulations!  You have almost completed the 30-Day Challenge!  We are so proud of you and hope that you will continue pursuing peace, not just with food, but in every other area of your life.  30-Day Challenge

Here is a summary of the posts from the 30-Day PWF Challenge:

-Days 1-4 – Introduction.
-Days 5-11 – Week of Food.
-Days 12-18 – Week of Body Image & the Scale.
-Days 19-25 – Week of Exercise.
-Days 26-29 – Week of Dealing with the Funk.

Could you do us a HUGE favor and give us your feedback on the 30-Day challenge? Please take the quick survey by clicking here.

Throughout this challenge we had you rate your peace in these areas and once again we will have you rate your #peace for one last time.

Posse Discussion:
In regards to food, what is your level #peace?

In regards to body image & the scale, what is your level #peace?

In regards to exercise, what is your level #peace?

In regards to dealing with the funk, what is your level #peace?

Compare your #peace in each area with the numbers you recorded in your notebook (Days #1, 12, 19,& 26).  Discuss with your posse the changes in your #peace numbers over the past 30 days. Did they go up? Go down?

Peace Chart2

Although our 30-Day PWF is finished, there is one more very important piece to the puzzle that we will be sharing tomorrow, so stay tuned!  You won’t want to miss it!!

The Peace Coaches


DAY 25- Recap on Exercise

We’ll keep it simple.  Exercise makes you feel better, live better, be better, and look better.  There’s the benefits.  So, now it’s your move.  What are you going to do?  If you still aren’t sold on any one exercise or physical activity, give yourself permission to take three months, six months, or whatever time frame you prefer to “test drive” your exercise options.  Take advantage of a gym’s 30-day free trial, sign up for a three month spinning class, volunteer to walk your neighbors dog for a week or come up with your own adventure.  Have fun with it and just keep moving forward.

Here is a summary of the posts from this week’s discussion (click on underlined words to read that post):with Exercise

-An overview of how to have peace with Exercise.
-Debunking the Marathon Myth.
-Ways to get active using Traditional Exercise.
-Ways to get active using Non-Traditional Exercise.
-Challenging yourself to take the exercise Peace Dare.
-Other Alternatives for Exercise.

On Day 19, we had you rate your level #peace in regards to exercising. After discussing this week, we want you to rate your current level #peace again.

Posse Discussion:

In regards to exercise, what was your level #peace on Day 19 ? What is it today? Has your number increased or decreased? Why?

Peace Chart2

Join us tomorrow as we dive into fighting the FUNK!

The Peace Coaches


DAY 18- Recap on Body Image & Scale

Great Job!!

As we wrap up the week of Body Image & the Scale of the Peace with Food challenge picture this:  You now and you at the end of your life.

The truth is, you are going to spend that time – the time between now and the end of your life – some way.  Of course, you get to choose.  So, the question is, how do you want to spend that time?  Here’s a couple options:

  • Option #1:  Spend the time focused on your #PEACE which will bring lasting results and impact every area and relationship of your life.  OR
  • Option #2:  Spend the time focused on your body and the # on the scale which can’t bring any lasting peace and satisfaction.with Body

We hope that after going through this week, if you struggle with your body image or the scale, that at the very least you have been challenged to take a different perspective.  Why not change from # on the scale to #PEACE?  We did and wouldn’t go back for nothing!  😉

Here is a summary of the posts from this week’s discussion (click on underlined words to read that post):

-An overview of your Body Image & the Scale.
-How to have Peace with Your Body.
-Sharing Strategies with the Scale.
-Discussing the Insanity with the Scale.
What We Obsess About But No One Thinks About.
-Determining What Will Keep You in the Game.


On Day 12, we had you rate your level #peace in regards to your body image & the scale. After discussing these topics this week, we want you to rate your current level #peace again.

Posse Discussion:

In regards to body image & the scale, what was your level #peace on Day 12 ? What is it today? Has your number increased or decreased? Why?

Peace Chart2

Join us tomorrow as we dive into Exercise!

lara-robynn1 (1)





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DAY 11- Recap on FOOD

This week we talked about food. Here is a summary of the posts from this week’s discussion (click on underlined words to read that post):

-Making calories count by using a tool we call Don’t Waste Your Calories.
-The importance of Knowing Yourself when it comes to food.
-Participating in The Peace Dare by taking a closer look of the foods in your kitchen.
-Learning new eating strategies by how Lara eats.
-Learning new eating strategies by how Robynn eats.
-How to Disarm the Foods That Control You.with Food

On Day 1, we had you rate your level #peace in regards to food. After discussing food this week, we want you to rate your current level #peace again.

Posse Discussion:

In regards to food, what was your level #peace on Day 1? What was it today? Has your number increased or decreased? Why?

Peace Chart2

Join us tomorrow as we dive into Body Image and the Scale!

The Peace Coaches





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