Time to Celebrate!


A new beginning!  We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are for you as you set out on the Peace with Food journey because we remember WELL our new beginning.

It was April 24, 2012.

That is when we drew a line in the sand and said no more diets.  And almost three years later it is a decision we will never regret.  Life-changing.  Sounds dramatic, but it’s true.

So, are you ready for this new beginning?!  How are you going to celebrate?

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Do something that is significant to you.  Have fun with a friend or posse.  If you prefer it more low key, just stay home, veg and do something that you enjoy.  Watch your favorite movie.  Write out your goals for the upcoming year.  Make a Live-It List (our version of a bucket list).

Do whatever speaks to you.  Robynn actually wrote out a contract and signed it.  You don’t need to do that unless you want.  (We’re including a Fresh Start Pact at the end of this post in case you are one to like writing it down!)

Dream about where you want to be a year from today.  See yourself living in peace and make a plan to take small steps daily to develop the habits and skills necessary. Remember the famous U.S. Army General George Patton’s quote:

The best plan today is better than the perfect plan tomorrow.

So don’t worry if the plan isn’t perfect.  It will unfold for you as you go.  For now, celebrate this new beginning – living a life full of peace.  Are you ready?!

Let the party (and your new life) begin!!

The Peace Coaches


Take-Home Message:  Celebrate your new life!



Click here for Day 1!




My Fresh Start Pact
Living at Peace with Food

It’s a new beginning!

On this date, ________________________________________

I, ___________________________________, am committing to a fresh start!

Today I am drawing a line in the sand and kissing diets good-bye for life!

Today I take 100% responsibility for my life.

From this day forward I will focus on #PEACE.

I will Follow Peace rather than fads, diets, or what everyone else is doing. Instead, I will find what works for me and what gives me peace.

I commit to gaining the skills that will lead to Peace with Food – skills that are transferable to all other areas of my life. I will live my best life ever – a life full of peace!

It is with excitement to begin my Peace with Food journey that I sign this pact!

Date     _____________________________________

Name ______________________________________

(You may also want to have your posse sign this pact for an extra measure of accountability.)


Click on the link below for the PDF Version of the Fresh Start Pact:

Peace with Food Fresh Start Pact

Pick Up Toto…AND RUN!!

best plan

If you’ve ever seen the Wizard of Oz, you know that Dorothy was on a mission to find the Wizard. Throughout the journey she was presented with road blocks and, many times, the best plan in those situations was for Dorothy to simply pick up Toto and run.

Isn’t that the way life is? We try to follow a straight path, but regardless of how much we plan and prepare, we’re always faced with some type of obstacle or challenge along the way? Either that or being aware of potential road blocks cause us to give up before we even try! If you can relate to either of these situations, consider this…

 A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.
~George Patton

Often times the best medicine is to take action NOW instead of waiting for that perfect “someday”. Because we all know what happens to those “somedays”…We’re still waiting for many of them, aren’t we?Pick up toto

When it comes to Peace with Food, we hope you’ll be encouraged to start taking those small steps toward peace at this very moment. Don’t over think it, just do it. You can start small by committing to read our stories and strategies (blog posts) on a daily bases. That is all you have to do. We used the same approach three years ago. We took a few minutes out of every day to experiment ways to have peace with food. Nowadays, it is something we do that takes very little thought. By taking one small step today, you are planting a seed that, over time, will evolve into a lifetime of peace. And who doesn’t want that?!

Don’t miss your window of opportunity because you are waiting for the perfect moment. Start now.

The Peace Coaches

Find What Fits

find what works

Have you ever tried to put on someone else’s clothing and found they were too tight or too loose?  Maybe the fit wasn’t the issue, instead it was the style.  It just wasn’t you.

The same holds true in eating and exercise.  As you begin experimenting with what works best for you, there will be some approaches that are too tight. They will prove to be way too restrictive.  Some will be too loose. They don’t provide the appropriate boundaries to keep you in check.  And lastly, there will be plenty that are just not your style.

Don’t worry if it takes a little time to find the perfect fit.  The important thing is that you keep trying until you find what works best for you.  With each failed attempt you can cross one more approach off your list.  As the saying goes:  No harm, no foul. One step closer to finding what does work.

This is one of the Peace with Food mantra’s:  Find what works for you.

This approach is applicable not just in the areas of eating and physical activity, but in every other aspect of our lives.  Just because “everyone” else is doing something (which is never really the case), that doesn’t mean that we need to be involved in what they’re doing.

Are you feeling pressure to do something that your friends, family, or colleagues are doing?  If so, take the pressure off yourself and find what works for you.


Just follow peace.  When you do, you’ll begin to find those things that are the perfect fit for you.

The Peace Coaches


Take-Home Message:

Find what works for you.




Coach Murry’s Low Carb – High Fat Diabetic Journey

Steve Murry Before AfterYou may have seen our video of college baseball coach Steve Murry as he shared how he went from 268 pounds to 182 pounds for for a total loss of 86 pounds. (Click here for his video.)

We are including his before and after photos to encourage and inspire you that just as Coach Murry made a change that has dramatically changed his life, so you can too.  Coach Murry has found what works for him:  a low carb – high fat, diabetic lifestyle.  We are including the following post he placed on Facebook in response to the many people who asked him how he lost the weight:

(Coach Murry stresses that you have to find what works for you, so don’t try duplicating this exactly, unless, of course you have peace to do so.  Instead, take special note of how he experimented to see what works best for him.)


“My low carb- high fat, diabetic journey.  Well here it is. First thing you will learn about a low-carb diet is that EVERYBODY knows every single thing about low carb and if you do NOT match their way- they will tell you that your way is WRONG. Doctors from all over the world can’t even agree on this subject. If you don’t believe me, make a post, watch people react. I don’t profess to know it all, I just KNOW what has worked for me. In June 2013, I weighed 268 pounds, now I weigh 181. My cholesterol was over 500 and is now 146. My blood pressure was skyrocketed, as were my blood sugars. Now, BOTH are actually on the LOW side. So as I explain what I did- do NOT take it as gospel, just take it as a way that worked for ME. You need to know that going low carb and high fat is EXPENSIVE. Eating healthy costs much more than if you just want to be obese. You have to decide if you want to count NET carbs or just straight carbs. The difference is straight carbs are listed on ALL labels, whereas net carbs are those straight carbs minus the dietary fiber. I have done NET carbs because it is easier for me. Then you have to decide how low carb are you going to go? Again, this will bring out MANY opinions. Some do 20 total carbs for a day to ty to achieve ketosis. I actually tried this at first and failed lol. I could NOT do just 20 a day. So…. I stayed with how I started which is 15 carbs per meal, and a 15 carb allowance for snacks. That is 60 total a day. Many will want to tell you how to spend those 60 a day also. I have since figured out HOW to do less than 20 NET carbs a day and NEVER vary from that. I choose to spend them HOWEVER I so choose to spend them. As much as I have given up on this lifestyle, I will NOT allow some know it all to dictate what I can and can’t have. Then the argument of artificial sweeteners will come. Use them or not? I DO and all of the time. We will all die from something, if Splenda kills me- so be it- at least I died eating something sweet. Some say it causes cravings- MY answer to them is how would anyone ACTUALLY KNOW THAT? I have always loved sweets and being a diabetic now has NOT hindered those very thoughts. So, I had to get creative. Thank God for my wife and daughter, who have helped me try MANY recipes along the way. Some of our recipes have failed miserably, while others are awesome. Many we have made up, others we have looked up and tried from another low carber. All I know is that we have now got recipes for ice cream to cinnamon rolls to pizza, to about any food I have ever wanted and all of them suit me just fine and leave me craving NOTHING. There is a list of NEVER CAN HAVE foods to me: Pasta, rice, potatoes, chips, pop, sugar, sugared drinks, cakes, chips, milk and things of this nature. HOWEVER, I have found alternatives to ALL of those. There are things that your Mother told you NOT to eat that are a staple in my life such as sour cream, bacon, pepperonis, coconut oil and real butter along with eggs, artificial sweeteners, and PORK RINDS. You will quickly figure out that sugar-free does not mean low-carb. Almost everything you eat like ketchup has carbs and you have to read all labels and go from there. It may appear healthy to you like the bolthouse farms 100% pomegranate juice. At first look, it looks great, til you realize there are 76 carbs in less than 12 oz. Or a common quart Gatorade that all parents give their kids at ballgames to keep them away from pop- has 53 carbs. Or the maple syrup you pour on pancakes has 63 carbs in just a ¼ of a cup. Portion control is huge. ALSO, reading labels is a BIG deal and MUST be done with everything. If you’re making a recipe then you have got to plug-in those labels and then divide out by how many servings it actually yields. I do my serving based on how much I eat and not on how much some skinny little person eats. Basically, I have all of my own recipes stored away. I have created many recipes with sweeteners in them instead of regular sugar and the way I look at it is – it still lower carb than the actual version of it. Some other things I have learned are that I will never LIKE water. I also learned that I love coffee. NOT normal coffee, but bulletproof coffee. It has 2 TBSP of butter, 1 TBSP of MCT oil, 2 packs of Splenda, 2 TBSP of torani sugar free syrup and then blend. It is flat out heaven. I now drink Crystal light for lunch and then I have my diet pop for the evening. I still drink white monsters which most people would say are bad for you but are basically two carbs per serving so I just put those into my eating plan. MACROS are important and tailored to each person. The percent of carbs, proteins and fats should be paid attention to. This will start another argument as people will tell you that YOUR percentages are wrong lol. My percentage that I shoot for each day is 5% carbs 70% fat and 25% protein. The protein is a MUST but I go higher in the protein area on MANY days. I use the food app on fitbit for this but there are many free apps that will allow you to chart your food. I do count and chart every single food that I eat every single day. I also include every condiment. I want the truth on what I am eating. It is kind of a pain in the butt but it will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Also, in some geeky way, this is actually fun to me lol. Exercise is another thing that is important. I use Fitbit to get my exercise in. I am NOT a runner, I just walk. BUT, I walk a lot lol. Nearly 10 miles every single day. This is where all of the fat you eat comes in. Carbs are your main source of energy, dropping those will make fats your next source. Here is the NEXT argument, people say fat is BAD. Check my numbers and if it is bad- then I don’t want to be good. Again, this is MY lifestyle I’ve created and it fits my personality, wants and needs. My way might not be right for you. I share with other people and if they can learn something from it, then great. You also need to come up with snacks. You also will need your go to foods. You have to be creative. You will have to have a steady dose of almond flour instead of regular flour. You have to develop a love for vegetables which I hated when I started. Now, they have replaced a lot of food items. I’m perfectly content with how they turned out to this point there are many recipes available. Some you like, some you will hate that but you can adjust them to your own way of life. Low-carb is not for everybody you’ll find many, many people eat 300 to 600 carbs a day pretty easily and don’t even notice it. Always remember this though, it is cancer’s number one item that it goes after so low carb besides losing weight also helps your overall health. One thing you’ve got to understand is – if you’re using low carb just to lose weight, you are probably barking up the wrong tree because once you start adding those carbs back, all of that weight is going to come back. You also need to add an exercise component. Again, not saying my way is the only way, just saying this is how it works for me.”

Hit “Reset”

Today I wanted to pass along something that has been helpful to our family, but also when applied to Peace with Food. The other morning I was fixing Leanne’s hair.  She didn’t like it and quickly combed out the braid I had just spent 10-minutes fixing.  It upset me because I had worked hard on it and we were running out of time before the bus came.  I told her she would have to figure out how to fix her hair on her own and walked into the other room, upset (probably not the best of parenting!).  To my surprise she walked after me and asked,

“Mom, can we start over?”

I replied, “Sure!”  She stuck out her hand and we shook on it.

She smiled.

In a cheery voice I asked her how I could help her get ready for school, and off we went.  It was as if the short moment of frustration never happened.


The same applies to food. We can have days where we get off on the wrong foot with our eating or make a choice that we regret later because we are stuffed from overeating. Instead of throwing your hands up in defeat for the rest of the day, causing you to turn to even more food, opt for choosing to Reset. Hitting Reset allows you to erase what happened and continue on as if you were having a good eating day.

Are you going to make good eating choices if you already feel like you’ve failed for the day? Probably not. But instead of waiting for tomorrow to start over (which is what I always did in the past!) why not begin at the very moment you realized you got off track. Recognize what happened, hit reset, and start fresh. Think of all the calories and suffering you will be eliminating by using this tool to your advantage. Try it the next time you get of course and let us know if it helped!



Designed to Be a “10”

designed 10

Let’s start off with a question.

If you were to rate your value on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being high) what number would you give yourself?

Be honest.  What would your number really be?

If you answered anything other than a “10”, than pull up a chair, get comfy and let’s talk. Let’s talk about something very important – your value.

Why is this so important?  Well, for one, I don’t know how you can live at Peace with Food, be happy, and live your best life ever without it.

Let me explain.

As a former high school science teacher I loved working with kids and still do.  One way I have stayed involved with them is to periodically give inspirational talks to junior high students all the way up to college-aged kids.  The title of my talk is Designed to Be a “10”.

In this inspirational talk, I use a $10 bill as an analogy for their life and my props are two $10 bills.  One is tattered, torn, and written on, while the other is clean and crisp.  My question to them is this:

Which of these $10 bills is worth more money?

This question always catches them off guard.  Not sure what I am getting at, they carefully reply with a half-answer, half question, “They both are worth the same amount?”


They are both worth $10.

Those $10 bills are a beautiful picture of our lives.  Some of us resemble that tattered and torn $10 bill.  We’ve been ripped, stepped on, and have a past that is not pretty.  And some of us have lives that rememble the clean and crisp $10 bill.  It looks pristine, hasn’t seen much trouble, and appears to be perfect.  But regardless which $10 bill we are most like, our worth is a “10”.  Yes, I will even take it as far as saying a perfect “10”.

No. I’m not saying our behavior is a perfect “10”.  There is no one who falls in that category, no matter how good you are, but as for your value, it’s a perfect “10”.

How can I make such a bold statement?

Here’s how.  As a person of faith, who believes that we have all been made in the image of an incredible God, a God who is a perfect “10”, how can our worth be anything less?

Behavor less than a “10”?  Yes.

Value and worth anything less than a “10”?  No.

So, no matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done, what has been done to you, or any other event that attempts to extort your view of yourself remember this:  Your value is a perfect “10”.

And you can take that to the bank.  🙂



Take-Home Message:

Your value is a perfect “10”.


For further information on the Designed to Be a “10” workbook and answer guide click here.






So, we’ve spent the past three-plus years pursuing Peace with Food like mad scientists.  If you had been in our laboratory it would have looked a lot like this:

Experiment – Fail – Adjust – Experiment – Fail – Adjust

But experimenting wasn’t the only thing we did.  We studied the lives of successful people and how they overcame their obstacles.  And one of the things that we observed was that they were all masters at creating habits that would serve their best interests.  As we contemplated their lives, we realized that where we are today is the result of the daily choices we’ve made over the long haul.  To bring about a new and better habit in place of a bad habit, we simply needed to begin practicing the new behavior we desired on a daily basis.

This reminds us of a piece of advice a Financial Planner gave to a bride and groom we know:

Invest a little over a long period of time.

There you have it.  The secret to creating a new habit which results in developing a skill.  But where should we begin?

Truth be told, most of us probably have numerous habits that aren’t serving our best interest, but we also have a limited amount of time and energy so it is important to choose wisely.  One question we like to ask our selves is, “What one habit, if I had it, would bring about the biggest change in my life.”  Put another way, “What one habit would give me a quantum leap in my life?”

That’s where we would begin.  However, if tackling that habit is too overwhelming, you may want to take a different approach and build your confidence by focusing on developing a smaller and easier habit that will help get a success under your belt.  Then you can move on to the more challenging habit.

Regardless what habit you choose, just begin.  Time is ticking.  At the end of the day, will you have invested a little towards that new habit?  We hope so.  🙂

lara-robynn1 (1)

Take-Home Message:

Invest a little bit daily over a long period of time.