30-Day PWF Challenge

We are so excited to announce our…30-Day Challenge

Starting Date: The date of your choice!

#1 Read Our Stories for encouragement and inspiration!  Our intent in sharing these with you is to let you know that you are not alone in this journey.  You can do this.  You can have Peace with Food!

#2 Read Peace with Food . . . to give you an overview of what Peace with Food is all about.

#3 Read Get Your Posse!! and then begin asking friends, family, and/or colleagues if they want to join you in the 30-Day Peace Challenge, so that on Day 1 you are ready to hit the ground running! Here are some ways you could plan to do the challenge together:
-Correspond with your group via email
-Plan to meet during lunch
-Schedule a time to “walk and talk” about the challenge every week
-Create a private Facebook page for your group
-Get creative on how to correspond with your group—have fun with it!

Here is an example of how you could do it on Facebook:


#4 Read Time to Celebrate! and find your own way to celebrate your new beginning and your new life!

What to Expect: Daily posts focusing on different aspects of Peace with Food. The daily posts are listed at the end of this post for quick retrieval.  Each day you will read the post that corresponds to the day you are on. You might consider jump-starting your experience by discussing with your posse the four posts we have linked above.

Throughout the challenge, you will find “posse discussion” questions and prompts at the bottom of various posts. Feel free to copy and paste the material to help initiate conversations within your group. As we said, be creative and feel free to create your own conversations based off the information we share. The key here is to open up, share your struggles and successes, learn from one another, and begin walking in peace!

Life is better together. Go find one or more of your friends today and get the Peace with Food conversation started! The 30-Day Peace Challenge will be here before you know it!

We are so excited to do this with you!! If you have any questions, contact us!

The Peace Coaches

COPY & PASTE the link each day, along with the posse discussion question for your group to answer. (Scroll to the very bottom of this post for examples)

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Day 31 Bonus Day!





Get Your Posse!!

“Battles fought alone are overwhelming, but battles fought together are exciting.”                      Jim Molinari  (Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Nebraska Cornhuskers)

Get Your Posse - Pixlr

Picture this . . .

A posse riding into in an Old West town.

Dust flying.

Heads turning.

And with the posse’s presence comes a sense of relief.  Law and order will be restored.

Not only is this group of comrades fighting for a greater cause, they also have confidence they will prevail.  That is because they understand there is power in numbers and they are a force to be reckoned with.

But that isn’t all they have going for them.  In fact, their biggest asset may be that they share a tight bond and they have each other’s backs.

Now insert yourself in this picture with your best buddies.  Your closest friends and confidants.  Those people that can help you in your journey of Peace with Food (or just your journey through life in general).  Those people you can text, call, message or reach out to for help, encouragement, and support.

This is your posse.

They will be there for you when you don’t feel like you can fight another day.  When you need a cheerleader.  Or when you need a shoulder to cry on.

And they will pick you up, dust you off, and help you get back in the game when you fall down.

If you’re thinking, “But I don’t have a posse.”  Then start with what you have.  Can you find one person, one buddy, one accountability partner or whatever you want to call them that can help you?

Getting a person to support you and hold you accountable through this journey is a BIG DEAL.


We don’t know where we would be if we had not done this thing together.  In fact, you probably wouldn’t be reading this post, because this blog would not exist.

So start thinking.  Who is someone you can trust?  Someone who has your back?  Someone you can be honest with and who will be honest with you?  Someone who will be your cheerleader, but will also give you a reality check when necessary?

Then think about a posse.  Where can you find a group of people with a common purpose?  Is it at work?  At the gym?  At church?  In your social settings?  On Facebook?

Going solo can be lonely.  Besides, life is just a whole lot more fun and the journey a whole lot more enjoyable when you are taking it with your buddy.

Or with a posse.  😉

lara-robynn1 (1)



Take-Home Message:

Life is better together! So get your posse or, at the very least, someone to take the journey with.


Peace Dare: Closure

The Peace Dare for today…

Peace Dare Closure

Now remember, you always need to follow peace so make adjustments to the dare as you see fit. If there is a certain meal where it is important to you and your family to sit around a table of food, you may have to try a different strategy. Some ideas may include sitting in the seat furthest from the foods that tempt you. Another option would be to ask a family member to hold you accountable, reminding you to not dish up for seconds. (We realize this may feel out of your comfort zone, but if you want to change, you have to be willing to set yourself up for success…even if it means doing something out of the norm every once in a while. Trust us, if we can do it, so can you!)

What is Closure? Read Here.

(Thanks for taking our poll! It gives us an idea of what topics to address in the future!)

lara-robynn1 (1)


Every once in a while we have our kids go through their toys and pick the ones they are willing to donate. It is only natural for them to shed a few tears as they debate whether or not they want to follow through with it. In fact, there are times our kids have a full-fledged meltdown. It’s just hard to let go of things because the temptation to keep them can be overwhelming! But finally, yes finally, they reach out and give their toy one last squeeze, savoring the last few seconds before it goes into “the box”.

As any parent would know, once you secure the lid on top, it is crucial that you don’t open it back up. Just the slightest ribbon from an old doll—exposing itself through a small opening of the cardboard—could cause a child to lose it and demand for it back. This is why adults create good closure experiences for their children. We have them say their goodbyes, remind them the toys are going to a better home, and then secure the package so it is out of sight, out of mind. Life just seems to go better that way…when we use closure to our advantage.Closure

Which raises this question: If we see how important it is to create a good closure experience for our children, why don’t we, as adults, do the same in regards to food? You wouldn’t dangle the toys and tempt a child after they already said their goodbyes, so why do we leave food out to torment us after a meal?

Take ice cream for example. Lara LOVES ice cream—Bunny Tracks to be exact. If she sits down at the table, puts a couple scoops in a bowl but doesn’t put the container away, there is practically a 100% chance she will open the lid and dish out more. Without realizing it, when she initially began eating, she was already telling herself she could have more by making it easily available to grab another scoop.

Instead, Lara could have dished up an amount of ice cream that would have been satisfying to her (read Bite #1 ) and put the rest away. By doing this, she would mentally prepare herself to savor what was in her bowl. Her mind would send signals saying, “Once it is gone, it’s gone. So enjoy it.” With every bite, the original scoop would decrease, and the final bite would be like saying that last goodbye. She could do it, because she prepared herself. She savored every part of the process and when it was time to let go, she was ready.

We understand this scenario can be harder than it sounds. BUT, if you keep applying our tools, in a way that gives you peace, you will find that many of them will eventually melt together. Before you know it, you’ll be making better decisions without even realizing it, simply because you took one small step every day.

Take a step today by creating a closure experience with one of your foods. And no matter what the end result is, do yourself this favor: evaluate what you did well and what you could improve in the future. Then, the next time you eat, apply those changes by improving your closure with food.

Over time, you’ll be creating positive closure situation without even realizing it!


lara-robynn1 (1)Take-Home Message:

To help eat in moderation, use closure (with food) to your advantage.

Show & Tell: Coach Murry’s Big Life Change!

Today’s “Show & Tell” is with College Baseball Coach, Steve Murry. Tune in as he shares his big life change!

If you are having problems viewing, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDYCv5j7H-U&feature=youtu.be

Thanks Coach Murry for sharing your story–what an inspiration you are!! We look forward to hearing more in the future!

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Use the Resources You Have

resources 6


That is the word you could use to describe us when we started off on this journey of Peace with Food.  We basically knew nothing regarding the subject except that we didn’t have it.  But we began anyway, starting with what we had – a deep desire and determination to find what had eluded us for so long.  Along with that determination, we had a commitment to see it through no matter what.  We would not stop searching until we had found Peace with Food.

So, off we set, using the few resources we had.  Trust us when we say, it was not pretty.

We failed . . .  And we failed . . .  And we failed some more.

But we were undaunted and resolute, refusing to quit, because deep down inside we knew we were onto something.  From the moment we promised our selves we would never diet again, a new peace came into our lives.  It was tiny – just a little seed – but it was more peace than we had ever had before and so we persisted.

And as we continued, we stumbled upon a principle that would become a big part of Peace with Food:

If you want more resources, begin using the ones you already have.

We discovered that faithfulness with what we already have, regardless how small, is the key to getting more.

This is what we call using the resources you have.  Whether it be time, money, ideas, or opportunity, instead of wishing for something we don’t have, we have learned to just come up with our best plan and move forward.  It might not be ideal and we may wish we had more resources, but we press on.  And invariably we find that as we continue on, more opportunities come our way.

So what are your resources?  Jot them down if that helps you.  Try to include everything you can think of.  Here are some categories to get you started:  money, time, relationships, talents, experience, education, opportunities, age, circumstances, your gender, your influence, your personality, geographic location, your job/career, your past, your present, character traits, and your life.

You may be surprised to see that you really do have enough to take that first step.  So, go ahead,   Use the resources you have.  🙂

lara-robynn1 (1)

Take-Home Message:

If you want more resources, use the ones you already have.


Show and Tell: Bite #1

As former teachers, one of the valuable lessons we learned was the power of showing vs. just telling.

So, throughout this blog not only will we tell you how to have peace, we are going to show you how we do it via video. In these videos you’ll get to take an inside look at our life – how we handle temptations, how we deal with the funk, and how we handle life in general.  From time to time we will also show you how other people are living at Peace with Food.

We hope in showing you our techniques it will help you come up with strategies of your own.  So, here goes, our first show and tell: 

To read more about the “Bite #1” tool, read here.

lara-robynn1 (1)

Take-Home Message:

Showing is more effective than just telling.


Peace Dare: Bite #1

Hey There!  Glad you’re with us!

PWF Testimonial: One of Robynn’s friends decided to apply Bite #1 at a Mexican restaurant she visits frequently with her family.  Before this concept, she would order a Pepsi to go with her meal.  Although it was just the first few sips that actually tasted good, she would drink the whole glass because she was thirsty and it was “there”.  However, after she heard this concept she began ordering her Pepsi, but also a water.  After three sips, when the soda no longer tasted good, she would give it to her husband and instead drink her water.

What a great way to apply this principle!

So, now it’s your turn!  Take the Peace Dare:Peace Dare Bite #1h

Have fun with it, savor your food, and experiment how each bite tastes!  If you have a buddy you can share your results with, please do!

lara-robynn1 (1)






Carrie Underwood Thighs

Carrie Underwood Pixlr

One of the things Lara and I have learned in this process of Peace with Food is that if you want to walk in peace and freedom you have to get real.

Real with yourself.  Real with others.

And we also realized that if we wanted to help others experience the peace we now have we would have to be transparent.

So, hopefully that is what you’ll find here.

The truth.

Not  doctored up.

Not watered down.

But real, raw, and brutally honest.

And speaking of brutally honest, have you ever noticed that diets and weight loss programs rarely talk about some of the more . . . what shall I call it . . personal stuff?  Sure, they will talk about what to eat and how to exercise, but when it comes to self image and the way you perceive your body, it is . . .



But not here.  So let me share with you a snapshot of my self-image and my body.

Most of my life I was not happy with my body.  My biggest area of contention?

My thighs.

I had always wanted pencil-shaped thighs, the ones like Carrie Underwood and many of the models you see in magazines, not the drumstick shaped ones I was blessed with (yes, I now actually see them as a blessing!).

So, off I went – pursuing my mission of pencil-shaped thighs!  I went on many strict diets (obviously before PWF) and finally lost a significant amount of weight getting me down to an all-time low.  And here is the crazy thing.  I actually loved the way I looked, the way I fit in my clothes, and the way I felt. But because I was so obsessed with getting those pencil-shaped thighs I couldn’t even enjoy the body I had.  Talk about missing the forest for the trees!

My all-or-nothing mindset (which by the way I overcame via Peace with Foodyet another perk of PWF!) would not allow me to enjoy my life and my body. It saddens me to think of the parts of my life I wasted because I couldn’t enjoy my life unless I was “perfect”.  And it makes me all that more determined to help others break free from this insane cycle.

It took me getting down to the bottom of my BMI to realize that I would never have Carrie’s pencil-shaped thighs, but it was Peace with Food that got me to the point where I don’t care about those thighs anymore. I have learned to accept me “as is”.  Sure, I’ll strive to change those parts of me (both inside and out) that are within my control, but I’m not going to extremes and I’ll only do what gives me peace.

What is your version of Carrie Underwood thighs?  If you were given one wish and could change any part of you, what would it be?

Own up to it.  Admit.  And be honest.

Is it within your power to change?  If so, will the requirements to do so bring peace?

If not, I hope you’ll let it go and learn from my lesson:

Life’s too short not to embrace your imperfect self and get back to the most important things in life.



Take-Home Message:

Get real about your self-image.  Change what you can change and let go of the rest.  It is time to embrace life!