Two Rules to Live By

two rules

Have you ever experienced a funk day that just wouldn’t quit?  (Hand raised right here…)

Yep, that’s right, this Peace Coach has been on an extended funk day and I’m not sure when it will subside, but am hoping real soon.

So, in the mean time, what does someone on the Peace with Food journey do when they find them self in this predicament?  For me, it’s reminding myself of the “Two Rules To Live By” poster I once saw. Rule #1: Don’t Quit and Rule #2: Refer to Rule #1.

And as I put one foot in  front of the other I keep the faith.

So there you have it.  Nothing profound. Nothing exciting.  Just outlast the funk.

Because all funks have expiration dates, but faith never expires.

Your Robynn

Stay Out of the Margin!


Remember being in grade school and getting in trouble for writing in the margins?  I found out the hard way that there is actually a much more profound lesson to be learned from that elementary experience than I had originally thought.  And I learned that lesson the really hard way after walking in a few minutes late to the school lunchroom where my daughter was waiting for me to join her for lunch..

In tears.

Although I was just a couple minutes late,the tears were flowing down her face.

And I felt horrible.  (Not to mention this happened on the first day of her state testing.  Double whammy!)

I promised myself, then and there, that I am finally going to get serious about correcting this bad habit of living life in the margin.  Turns out the margins are there for a reason: to protect me from myself!  That’s right.  I need all the safeguards I can get.  So, I am intentionally beginning to build margins into my life.  No more trying to cram everything into the smallest amount of time possible.

Instead I’m transitioning from begin task oriented to principle oriented.  This may take me awhile to get down but I’m committed.  Time to put that elementary lesson to good use.

Keep you posted!

Your Robynn