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  • What is Peace with Food?
  • Benefits of Peace with Food
  • Introduction of The Peace Coaches – Lara and Robynn – and their book Peace with Food:  Eat What You. Never Diet Again.  Live a Happy Life.
  • Printable Logo
  • Our Mission
  • Press Publications and Articles
  • Testimonies
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Contact Information

What is Peace with Food?
Peace with Food is the key that will UnLoCk yOu FrOm tHe PriSoN ceLL of DiEts, dissatisfaction with your body, and the vague sense that something is just not right.

Benefits of Peace with Food


Peace with Food will help you:

  • Live your DrEaM
  • Fulfill your PuRpOsE
  • Find the perfect PoSsE
  • Experience FrEeDoM aNd PeAcE
  • Accept and LoVe YoUr BoDy

Introduction to The Peace Coaches:

L R Media Kitfotor

Two stay-at-home moms are ready to share their secret to a life of Peace with Food.  After four years of living it out they are excited to openly discuss their personal stories of FrUsTraTiOn with wEigHt-loss, what they’ve learned, and how they now live each day in peace.  No more weight loss roller coasters.  No more one-size-fits-all diets.  Simply peace.

Peace with Food is about enjoying your best life ever and doing it with confidence whether that be GoiNg to tHe sWimMiNg pOoL WiTh YoUr KiDs, attending a class reunion, or just wearing flattering clothes that you love.

For as long as they can remember, Lara and Robynn have had a love/hate relationship with food.  Love and hate, but never peace.  They were tired of being consumed by this Insane Cycle and knew there had to be a better way.  Enough was enough!  They PiTcHeD the DiEt BoOks and began experimenting on their own, determined to put an end to their weight-loss/weight-gain saga once and for all.

They now have greater peace than ever before and so can you!

How did they do it?

It’s all here in their book – Peace with Food:  Eat What You. Never Diet Again.  Live a Happy Life.

Lara and Robynn have already done the hard part for you.  They found the answer and wrote a book detailing their journey.  To ensure it really works, as everyday moms, they put Peace with Food to the test in real-life situations:  at birthday parties, holidays, family vacations and on-the-go hectic moments of parenthood and life. They give you the tOoLs to DiScOvEr your own personal journey to Peace with Food – tools such as GeTtiNg a PoSsE and RaTinG YoUr PeAcE.

You’ll find yourself easily relating to their same, uncensored real-life experiences as you find a route that works best for you!

Come join them as they share their journey and reveal how discovering this peace SurPaSseD tHeiR WiLdeSt DreAms. Before you know it, you’ll be living it too!

Printable Logo:

 PWF logo

Our Mission:

Help people LiVe ThEiR DrEaMs and fulfill their purpose by leading them to freedom and peace.

Press Publications and Articles:


New Book Gives Hope That You Can At Last Find Peace with Food.

Are you ready to give up dieting once and for all?  If so, look no further.  You can find the key to living in freedom and peace in the new book  Peace with Food:  Eat What You Want. Never Diet Again.  Live a Happy Life.

 Chanute, Kansas – August 22, 2015 – Frustrated with a lifetime of dieting and weight-loss/weight gain, The Peace Coaches and authors, Lara Shoup and Robynn Coates set out on a journey to find Peace with Food.  They contracted with themselves and each other that they would never diet again.  Here they are, four years later, and they are living the dream of experiencing greater peace than ever before.  As they share Peace with Food with others they are finding that freedom and peace is available to anyone who follows the peace principles described in their book.

Lara and Robynn’s passion is to help others live their dreams and fulfill their purpose by leading them to freedom and peace.  Peace with Food champions using a tailor-made approach unique to each individual, rather than the one-size-fits all approach.

The book can be purchased on the Peace with Food Website or on Amazon.  The book retails at $14.99.

About Lara and Robynn

Lara offers her expertise as a Peace Coach primarily through virtual discussion groups and social media. She focuses on convenient ways to encourage online support for the Peace with Food Community.

Robynn is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach.  She is the author of six other books.  Her emphasis as a Peace Coach is in speaking, mentoring, and coaching.

For more information about  Peace with Food:  Eat What You Want. Never Diet Again.  Live a Happy Life. Please visit or email us at info@peacewithfood or call us at 620-432-0173.

 (Book Cover Link Here)

(Author Photo Link Here)



“Most diet books tell you what to eat but never dive into the side that really matters for sustained loss and change-the mindset-the reasons why we eat and how we eat.  Peace with Food goes into all of that WITHOUT telling you what to eat and still have success!”
~Siobhan Burch, Beachbody Coach

“As a former high school and collegiate wrestler, I know the frustration and the sea of negative emotions on the road to losing hundreds of pounds only to gain them back…plus more.  I only wish this book were available years ago, because it provides many easy-to-use and practical tools that you can start using today to get permanent results.  I highly encourage you to read this book now and choose the path that leads to:  peace with food!”
~Bob Manard, Leadership and Speech Coach

“Peace with Food is unlike anything I have tried before.  For the first time in my life I am getting to know myself, I am trying new foods, and finally finding food enjoyable.  This is the easiest, most fulfilling plan I have ever tried.  It’s not only helped me to make healthier food choices, I have found I am intentionally looking for peace in other areas of my life.  I have stuck with this plan longer than anything I have  tried in the past,and can say with confidence my life is richer in so many way having found peace with food.”
~Lisa Collins, Elementary Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How is Peace with Food different from diets?
A:  Peace with Food does not give you a list of rules to follow.  Instead it gives you a customized map that is tailored exclusively for you.


Q: Does Peace with Food really work?
A:  Yes!  Peace with Food really works!!  That’s because it is based on principles that are timeless and work for anyone regardless their age or situation.


Q: Can anyone do Peace with Food, regardless their physical condition and circumstances?
A: Peace with Food is effective because as earlier stated, it is based on principles, rather than rules or methods that may be effective for you but not necessarily me.  It also takes into consideration your life, your circumstances and your preferences.


Q:  How did Peace with Food come about?
A:  After years of frustration with diets and failed weight loss attempts we made a pact with ourselves and each other that we would kiss dieting good-bye once and for all and find a way to living at peace in the area of eating.  This became our mission and so we began by experimenting what gave us peace and freedom.


Q:  What is your one-sentence take-away message – what is it you want the audience to learn or know as a result of your time together?
A:  We want to give people hope.  We want to help set people free from their struggle with food and their body.  Our one sentence would be:  You absolutely can have Peace with Food and Peace with your body.


Q:  So this isn’t a diet?  What is it then?
A:  You’re right, it is not a diet.  It is as simple as the title, it is Peace with Food.  It is having peace.  It is having freedom.  It is having your life back.


Q: What do you mean having your life back?
A:  Let us ask you this question.  How many people do you know who make food the focus of their life either by fantasizing about it or living in fear of it – how many calories they eat or if they are eating the right food.  This isn’t living your best life ever.  There’s a better way – living with Peace with Food and enjoying every moment of your life.


Q:  What one thing do we want people to do?
A:  Read the book because it is packed full of how to live with Peace with Food.  This is the first step.


Q:  What is the #1 piece of advice you would give to people wanting to have Peace with Food?
A:  Follow Peace.


Q:  But how do you Follow Peace?
A:  We explain exactly how to Follow Peace in the book!


Q:  Can Peace with Food actually help me fulfill my purpose and live my dreams?
A:  A resounding YES!!  The proof is in the pudding!  We have already received numerous testimonies from people living the Peace with Food life.  They are more fulfilled than ever before and living their dream.  And the same can be true for you!

Won’t you come join us?!  Live a life of P E A C E!!

The Peace Coaches

Services Offered:

  • Speaking
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Mentoring
  • Facebook Private Communities
  • Coaching

Contact Information:

Lara Shoup and Robynn Coates

Phone:  620-432-0173





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