Give the Gift of P E A C E !!

You’ve probably heard that Christmas song that goes, “Let there be P-E-A-C-E on earth and let it begin with me.”

As you finish up your last-minute Christmas shopping, why not consider giving the gift of P-E-A-C-E this season?

Is there a relationship that needs reconciliation, a kind word of hope you could give, or some other gesture that would bring peace into someone’s life or your own and make the world a better place?

In the past four months, since we published our book, we have received numerous stories from people telling us how they have experienced greater amounts of peace, not only as it relates to food, but also to L I F E in general!!


But don’t take our word for it!  You can read some of their stories in our Amazon reviews and/or purchase HERE.

Have a BleSsEd and PeAceFuL Christmas!!

The Peace Coaches



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