Two Rules to Live By

two rules

Have you ever experienced a funk day that just wouldn’t quit?  (Hand raised right here…)

Yep, that’s right, this Peace Coach has been on an extended funk day and I’m not sure when it will subside, but am hoping real soon.

So, in the mean time, what does someone on the Peace with Food journey do when they find them self in this predicament?  For me, it’s reminding myself of the “Two Rules To Live By” poster I once saw. Rule #1: Don’t Quit and Rule #2: Refer to Rule #1.

And as I put one foot in  front of the other I keep the faith.

So there you have it.  Nothing profound. Nothing exciting.  Just outlast the funk.

Because all funks have expiration dates, but faith never expires.

Your Robynn

2 thoughts on “Two Rules to Live By

    1. I hear ya! It is hard to keep your goal in sight at times. One thing I have learned recently is to be more focused on being growth oriented than goal oriented. When you’re growth oriented, funk days can actually be a good thing because they give you practice at growing in perseverance, endurance, and self-control. Hope that helps. And hope you have a peaceful day! 🙂


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