DAY 11- Recap on FOOD

This week we talked about food. Here is a summary of the posts from this week’s discussion (click on underlined words to read that post):

-Making calories count by using a tool we call Don’t Waste Your Calories.
-The importance of Knowing Yourself when it comes to food.
-Participating in The Peace Dare by taking a closer look of the foods in your kitchen.
-Learning new eating strategies by how Lara eats.
-Learning new eating strategies by how Robynn eats.
-How to Disarm the Foods That Control You.with Food

On Day 1, we had you rate your level #peace in regards to food. After discussing food this week, we want you to rate your current level #peace again.

Posse Discussion:

In regards to food, what was your level #peace on Day 1? What was it today? Has your number increased or decreased? Why?

Peace Chart2

Join us tomorrow as we dive into Body Image and the Scale!

The Peace Coaches





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