DAY 30- Recap The 30-Day PWF Challenge

Tomorrow is Bonus Day so make sure you check in as we will be giving you one more very important item in Peace with Food!

Congratulations!  You have almost completed the 30-Day Challenge!  We are so proud of you and hope that you will continue pursuing peace, not just with food, but in every other area of your life.  30-Day Challenge

Here is a summary of the posts from the 30-Day PWF Challenge:

-Days 1-4 – Introduction.
-Days 5-11 – Week of Food.
-Days 12-18 – Week of Body Image & the Scale.
-Days 19-25 – Week of Exercise.
-Days 26-29 – Week of Dealing with the Funk.

Could you do us a HUGE favor and give us your feedback on the 30-Day challenge? Please take the quick survey by clicking here.

Throughout this challenge we had you rate your peace in these areas and once again we will have you rate your #peace for one last time.

Posse Discussion:
In regards to food, what is your level #peace?

In regards to body image & the scale, what is your level #peace?

In regards to exercise, what is your level #peace?

In regards to dealing with the funk, what is your level #peace?

Compare your #peace in each area with the numbers you recorded in your notebook (Days #1, 12, 19,& 26).  Discuss with your posse the changes in your #peace numbers over the past 30 days. Did they go up? Go down?

Peace Chart2

Although our 30-Day PWF is finished, there is one more very important piece to the puzzle that we will be sharing tomorrow, so stay tuned!  You won’t want to miss it!!

The Peace Coaches


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