*BONUS* DAY 31- Peace Coaches

pay it forward

So, here you are.  You’ve completed the 30-Day Peace with Food Challenge. You have a buddy to take the journey with and maybe even a posse, but still you have your doubts.  Will it stick?  Can you do it?  Will Peace with Food even work for you?

If that describes you, relax.  There is one more very important source of support we need to tell you about and it is us, your Peace Coaches.

That’s right.  We are your Peace Coaches and we are here for you.

We’ll help you navigate the choppy waters that you’ll no doubt encounter (we all do) and help you find your customized lifestyle that will give you peace.  But it will require patience.

And we know how hard that can be.

When we gave up the artificial props of weight loss (aka a diet) it was scary.  There were times we wanted to turn back for the quick fix, but we had made a promise and we were committed to see it through.

You will make it through too.  If you don’t quit.  And do you want to know the really exciting part?  This is actually the best part of all – as you begin to climb up the peace scale you will become a Peace Coach yourself.

Now don’t panic.  Being a Peace Coach isn’t difficult.  It simply means you help others in whatever way feels most comfortable to you.  Maybe for you that will be getting a posse together or it may be something simple like just encouraging someone to keep going.  This is how you Pay it Forward.

So as you see your #PEACE climb, CeLeBraTe, but then begin looking for someone you can help coach to live with greater levels of peace.  You can make a difference in someone’s life.  Welcome to the team, Peace Coach.

Could you do us a HUGE favor? And give us your feedback on the 30-Day challenge? Please take the quick survey by clicking here.

Your Peace Coaches,

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 Take-Home Message:

As soon as you move up the peace scale you become a Peace Coach.  That is how you Pay it Forward.

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