DAY 18- Recap on Body Image & Scale

Great Job!!

As we wrap up the week of Body Image & the Scale of the Peace with Food challenge picture this:  You now and you at the end of your life.

The truth is, you are going to spend that time – the time between now and the end of your life – some way.  Of course, you get to choose.  So, the question is, how do you want to spend that time?  Here’s a couple options:

  • Option #1:  Spend the time focused on your #PEACE which will bring lasting results and impact every area and relationship of your life.  OR
  • Option #2:  Spend the time focused on your body and the # on the scale which can’t bring any lasting peace and satisfaction.with Body

We hope that after going through this week, if you struggle with your body image or the scale, that at the very least you have been challenged to take a different perspective.  Why not change from # on the scale to #PEACE?  We did and wouldn’t go back for nothing!  😉

Here is a summary of the posts from this week’s discussion (click on underlined words to read that post):

-An overview of your Body Image & the Scale.
-How to have Peace with Your Body.
-Sharing Strategies with the Scale.
-Discussing the Insanity with the Scale.
What We Obsess About But No One Thinks About.
-Determining What Will Keep You in the Game.


On Day 12, we had you rate your level #peace in regards to your body image & the scale. After discussing these topics this week, we want you to rate your current level #peace again.

Posse Discussion:

In regards to body image & the scale, what was your level #peace on Day 12 ? What is it today? Has your number increased or decreased? Why?

Peace Chart2

Join us tomorrow as we dive into Exercise!

lara-robynn1 (1)





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