DAY 24- Other Alternatives to Exercise

physical activity




Looking to experiment with different types of exercise?  Check out the following ways to stay active (click on each for more information):



Start a Walking Group




Or Come up with Your Own!

Posse Discussion: What type of physical activity, traditional or non-traditional, will keep you in the game – maybe even something you would be perfectly happy to do for the rest of your life?

The Peace Coaches






4 thoughts on “DAY 24- Other Alternatives to Exercise

  1. I like this list, but there is so much you can do. Martial Arts has quite a few different activities, backpacking, live close to work? Walk or take a bike on the nice days. Enjoy a sport? Start playing it.

    I work in a very large building so I park out behind the building and half to walk almost a half a mile to get to my desk from my car. It adds up very quickly into exercise for me, but I don’t ever think of it as that.

    I realize I am reading backwards and if I said something that was already mentioned I apologize.


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