Day 14 – 1% Change {90-Day Challenge} The Two Strongest Warriors

Day 14 - 90

This morning I’m sitting at my table with a CuP oF HoT tEa, gazing out the window.  It is a beautiful morning here and the quietness and peace beckons me to stay for a while.  Just a couple of months ago, one of my mentors, Scott M. Fay, encouraged me to spend some time ReFleCtiNg.

Cup Tea

And that is exactly what I am doing. Reflecting on what I read this morning in Emotional Intelligence 2.0 {the chapter entitled Sleep On It} which began with the following:

“In the timeless classic, War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy wrote that the two strongest warriors are time and patience.”

 That spoke to me as this is exactly what my 1% Change {perseverance} is all about – time and patience!  It’s actually ironic, but something in me wishes there was a quick fix to time and patience.  How crazy is that!  The achievement side of me just wants to just RiP iT LiKe a BaNd-AiD and be done with it!

But I am beginning to understand that as uncomfortable and painful as waiting is, this is the very thing that works out the impatience and the quick-fix mindset I have.

TiMe aNd PaTieNcC.

Like the shot you hate to get, but are so glad you did when it’s all said and done.

Hashtag to self:  #timeandpatience

Your Robynn

P.S. You are seeing a snapshot of my life taken earlier this summer.  For the previous post in this series click  HERE.

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Announcing the Release of our Book!

Hi There Friends!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of our book:

Peace with Food:  Eat What You Want.  Never Diet Again.  Live a Happy Life.


Who is this book for?

If you want to live a healthier life; are tired of being controlled by food, the scale, or the nagging dissatisfaction of your body; and/or want to FuLfiLL YoUr MiSsiOn in life, this book is for you!!  

What can you expect from the book?

Greater levels of PeAcE and FrEeDoM with food than you have ever experienced before.


How can I have Peace with Food?

  • Step #1:  Read the Book
  • Step #2:  Get Your Posse! – Start your own or join one on Facebook.
  • Step #3:  Be Intentional and begin to experience peace today!

How is {{Peace with Food}} different from all the rest?

Peace with Food is sooooooo different from your typical diet and weight loss book because it is not a diet!!  And you can do it for life!

Here are a few ways  that our book is different from all the rest {{there’s too many to mention to list them all!}}:

  1. ThE PeAcE CoAcHeS –  We are the experts in Peace with Food.  We have decades of experimenting under our belt.  Why reinvent the wheel?!  We know what works and what doesn’t and can help you save valuable time so that you can focus on the important things in life!  We will be your mentors and cheerleaders, helping you on your P E A C E journey!
    L  R Media Kitfotor
  2. ThE uLtiMaTe RaTiNg ScaLe.  {{Yes, we do have the ultimate rating scale which, by the way is not the scale you step on!}}
  3. There is No OnE-SiZe-FiTs-All ApPrOaCh in Peace with Food, but rather The Peace Coaches will help you create your own unique strategy tailored exclusively for you!
  4. There are also No RuLeS in Peace with Food!  Instead you will learn to follow Follow Peace!

When is this book available?

The book is being released on August 22, 2015.

Where can I find out more information?

You can find the book on our Peace with Food website {{}} or at

You can also contact us at: or 620-432-0173

Best Regards and As Always, P E A C E!

The Peace Coaches

Independence Day

Festive and colorful fireworks display

Happy July 4th!!

Today I will be celebrating this favorite holiday with a parade, fireworks, and family & friends.

Of course, food will be a part of this celebration, as well.  And although there will be time to enjoy the classic 4th of July foods, more importantly, I will also be celebrating my Independence Day from food’s tyranny.  I know exactly that date because I actually signed a contract with myself.

It was April 24, 2012.

Although Lara and I had been talking Peace with Food for about a year on that date, April 24th is the date that we made it “official” by committing to ourselves and each other that we would never diet again.

And here we are, over three years later.  Living in greater levels of freedom and peace than we ever dreamed possible.  I say degrees, because that is what the Peace with Food journey is all about, taking little steps, growing in peace and freedom, one step, one degree at a time.

Slow?  At times, yes.

Worth it?  We wouldn’t go back for anything.

And the feedback we are getting from folks taking the Peace with Food journey is incredible.  Not only are people losing weight they never thought possible, peace is filtering into other areas of their life, because, as one of our friends taking this journey with us has stated, “It really is that powerful.”

So this 4th of July, if you’re tired of food being a dictator in your life, and desperately want to make Peace with Food won’t you join us?

Why not make it “official”?  Let today be your Peace with Food Independence Day!

Your Robynn


Take-Home Message:  Make it “official”.  Today can be your Independence Day living a life of Peace with Food!

Let Wisdom Do the Heavy Lifting


There’s a saying we have in Peace with Food regarding wisdom and it is this:  Let wisdom do the heavy lifting.

Let’s face it.  There are times we don’t think too clearly.  We make rash decisions that we later regret.  It’s as if, for a few fleeting seconds, we lose our minds and when we finally come to, it’s too late.

Like the time I was so close to reaching a goal weight.  I was so close I could taste it and yet I blew it by going through the Krispy Kreme drive thru and buying a bunch of donuts.  (I’m not even going to tell you how many “a bunch” is!)  Why did I do that?!

Have you ever experienced that?  If you’re like me, too many times to count.

That is, until I learned to let wisdom do the heavy lifting.

What exactly do I mean when I say, “Let wisdom do the heavy lifting”? Basically this:  Do for yourself when you are strong what you cannot do for yourself when you are weak.

It is knowing myself, my point of weakness and temptation and then planning ahead to ensure I will come out victorious when faced with that situation.

For example, if I know that my weakness is buying chips and cookies when walking past those aisles in the grocery store, I use wisdom by making sure I avoid those aisles as much as possible.  I map out ahead of time what I am going to do in those times of temptation.  The advantage of doing this is that I use wisdom when I am strong rather than relying on my fickle willpower in the heat of the moment.  It is in these non-tempting moments that I can best plan out my escape route in moments of temptation.

So if I get tripped up by some temptation or circumstance, it is best to plan ahead when my head is clear and I feel strong.  Because like it or not, temptation is coming, but I can be prepared if I let wisdom do the heavy lifting.

Your Robynn

Take-Home Message:  Let wisdom do the heavy lifting by doing for yourself when you are strong what you cannot do when you are weak.

Optimal Zone

optimal zone

On our Peace with Food journey we have had many “Aha” moments, to be sure, and this is definitely one of them.  We call it our Optimal Zone epiphany.  This revelation has totally changed the way we approach goal setting, along with the expectations we place on people, circumstances, and ourselves.

Before PWF we were really all-or-nothing type of gals.  We saw only one way of doing things and there was only ONE right answer.  Never two, and for sure not three or four.  But on our PWF journey we slowly began to learn that this mindset only stole our peace.  We were setting our goals high.  Really, really high and rarely ever achieving those goals.  The result:  Frustration with a capital “F”.

What did we need?  Not a new goal, just a new perspective.

Enter the Optimal Zone.

The Optimal Zone is basically a zone that includes your acceptable level of satisfaction, in any area of life, all the way up to your ideal level of satisfaction in that area.  If you applied the Optimal Zone to your weight, instead of just choosing one number that is ideal, you would include a range, say 125-132.  Sure, 125 lbs. may be your dream weight, but surely there is a zone where you feel good, even if it isn’t your ideal.  Having an Optimal Zone allows you to experience victory, even if you don’t hit the mark perfectly each time.

Determining our Optimal Zone has helped ground us even when things don’t go perfectly.  It takes off the pressure and let’s us focus on living, not trying to live up to a certain standard that just so happens to be impossible to reach on a consistent basis.

A bonus of the Optimal Zone is that it is relevant to every area of our lives.  We all have expectations, many of those are unrealistic.  Whether it be in relationships, our job, our finances, you name it.  When you determine your Optimal Zone in each area you can then give yourself and others a break and enjoy the ride instead of being stressed by it.

Go ahead and set your goals high, but then have an acceptable range.  Maybe reading to your child for 30 minutes every day isn’t always possible, but reading a story to them and tucking them in to bed might be more attainable day in and day out.

Assess your expectations, especially the ones where you feel disappointed or discouraged and determine what the Optimal Zone might be for each of them.  We think that when you begin to live in these zones, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that the pressure level goes down and the enjoyment and peace level goes up.

The Peace Coaches





Take-Home Message:  Create Optimal Zones in your life by defining the acceptable level in each area all the way up to the ideal level.

Peace with Myself

peace with myself

Much of my life I spent not liking myself.  I wouldn’t say that I hated myself, but there was always some aspect of myself I was trying to change. Have you ever had a remodeling project that just went on and on?  I did. My remodeling project was me!

I tried to change everything from those things that I could change to those things that I couldn’t.  (I always wished I was more funny and more articulate like some of my friends.  Those are two qualities I really admire!)  When it came to my overall peace level it was in the gutter. However, once Peace with Food came into the picture and I began living at peace, I soon realized that I could use those same principles to help me find peace with myself.

How about you?  What is your peace level with yourself?  If you were to rate yourself on a scale from 0-5 (5 being high and 0 being no peace at all) where would you fall?  Do you like yourself?  Do you accept yourself?  Do you give yourself grace, knowing that you are a work in progress?

I have learned that having peace with myself is really important because when I wasn’t at peace with myself, I wasn’t at peace with others or the world around me.

It was a process that is continuing to this day and it looked something like this:

First, I had to understand that I am a masterpiece, uniquely created, a one-of a kind.  I am Designed to be a “10”.

Secondly, I began to the process of knowing myself.  This involved taking the time to find out about my personality, strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and tendencies.

Third, once I began accepting myself as is, it was then time to begin working on my expectations of myself.  Too often my expectations were jaded and unrealistic.  At times I had an all-or-nothing mindset and other times I didn’t expect enough of myself.

I overcame these unrealistic expectations by creating Optimal Zones in my life – boundary lines that not only include giving myself grace, but also boundary lines that include realistic expectations.  This zone consists of an acceptable range – the minimum requirement – all the way up to the ideal standard.  As long as I hit the acceptable range I know I am in the ballpark.  It may not be my ideal and I may strive to do better the next time around, but I know that I at least hit the Optimal Zone.

And finally, I began to follow peace and the best way for me to follow peace was to rate my peace on a regular basis and then choose the options that gave me the greatest #peace.

Here’s the condensed version:

  1. Understand and believe that I am a masterpiece.
  2. Know myself.
  3. Begin creating realistic expectations by determining my Optimal Zones.
  4. Follow peace.

This is the path I followed to having peace with myself.  I hope it helps you in your journey to peace with yourself.

Your Robynn



Take-Home Message:  We can have peace with our self.


Business As Usual

business as usual

Whew!!  You made it through the 30-Day Peace with Food Challenge.  Maybe you’re unsure what to do next.

This reminds me of all those times I set a goal, reached it, and then felt vague and ambiguous.  Somehow I had thought that just by reaching the goal all my problems would be solved – that it would be the end of the discussion and all of life’s mysteries (regarding my goal) solved.  But that’s not how it played out at all.  I found myself sitting at a crossroads trying to figure out which way to go.  And as I did, I realized that life went on and so too must I.

But how?

By taking the Business as Usual approach.  In other words, by just continuing to do what I had been doing, all along, to reach my goal in the first place.

In the case of the 30-Day Peace with Food Challenge that would mean continually following peace by rating my levels of peace in the areas of food, weight, body, and the funk.

That’s what Business As Usual is all about.  Just doing the same things that brought you the peace in the first place.  Nothing real exciting.  Nothing real profound.  Just . . .

Business as Usual.

Your Robynn



Take-Home Message:  Continue on by using the Business as Usual approach.


DAY 29- Peace Dare: Funk Survival Kit

One of the things that we have on hand during a funk day is our survival kit.  We each have our own selected items that help us make it through these uncomfortable and unpleasant times.  Take a look and then begin creating your own!

Survival Kit

-Cell phone to call Robynn
-Stopwatch for a “timed task” (timing myself to complete a dreaded task in a small amount of time)
-Scentsy melts to burn
-Inspiring and motivating books on tape
-Graph paper to write a checklist to complete in a certain amount of time

-Cell phone to call Lara
-Inspiring Bible verses
-Graph paper to write a checklist to complete in a certain amount of time
-A list of errands to help make the time pass

Here are some things that do not help us on funk days:
-Surfing Facebook
-Running to the pantry
-Wearing sweatpants

Now it is your turn. Take the Peace Dare for today…


Posse Discussion: Do the Peace Dare above and share with your group.


lara-robynn1 (1)

DAY 27- Our Policy for Funk Days

funk Days

Rainy days are sometimes associated with being unproductive and depressing. Sunny days, on the other hand, are usually connected with being motivated and feeling good.

A funk is very comparable to a rainy day. Sometimes the forecast shows thunderstorms for an entire week and other times it only lasts a day or a few hours. This is why having a pep talk with yourself will be so crucial during your funk days. You may feel like it will last forever, but remind yourself—realistically—it doesn’t last long, especially if you can help speed up the process.

Even though most people think of rainy days as being bad, do you ever have rainy days that actually make you feel good? Believe it or not, I do! Rainy days force me to be inside, so I utilize this time by snuggling up with my kids, catching up on scrapbooking or doing some deep cleaning around the house. Those things can be rewarding, but I won’t want to be doing those types of activities once the weather turns nice. I am always excited when the sun decides to pop out, but I don’t feel guilty for lost time because I know the “rainy days” were not wasted.

If you allow yourself to eat as much as you want or to stop exercising whenever you’re in a funk, you’ll be further behind when your emotions get back on track. But, if you push through a funk by riding out the rainy day, you’ll be way ahead of the game once the sun begins to shine.

We’ve instituted a policy for funk days.  Here it is:

  • We take advantage of a “rainy day” by doing activities we wouldn’t want to do once we start feeling better.
  • We don’t let our minds roam.  Instead we turn them off and get into action.  This is a great time to clean or take care of those errands that don’t require brain power, but a horrible time to do a lot of thinking.
  • We are careful what we say.  In fact, we prefer to keep our mouths shut and just be quiet during these times.
  • We make no decisions during funk days.  There’s a reason why.
  • We ask ourselves, “Am I sleep deprived?”  If so, this is a fabulous time to catch up.
  • We understand that this too will pass.
  • To rebel against these negative intruders (aka fickle feelings) we find something nice to do for someone.  Bonus points if they never find out we are the ones who did.

Posse Discussion

Share 1 policy that you can do to help diminish the impact of your funk days.

Your Lara