Independence Day

Festive and colorful fireworks display

Happy July 4th!!

Today I will be celebrating this favorite holiday with a parade, fireworks, and family & friends.

Of course, food will be a part of this celebration, as well.  And although there will be time to enjoy the classic 4th of July foods, more importantly, I will also be celebrating my Independence Day from food’s tyranny.  I know exactly that date because I actually signed a contract with myself.

It was April 24, 2012.

Although Lara and I had been talking Peace with Food for about a year on that date, April 24th is the date that we made it “official” by committing to ourselves and each other that we would never diet again.

And here we are, over three years later.  Living in greater levels of freedom and peace than we ever dreamed possible.  I say degrees, because that is what the Peace with Food journey is all about, taking little steps, growing in peace and freedom, one step, one degree at a time.

Slow?  At times, yes.

Worth it?  We wouldn’t go back for anything.

And the feedback we are getting from folks taking the Peace with Food journey is incredible.  Not only are people losing weight they never thought possible, peace is filtering into other areas of their life, because, as one of our friends taking this journey with us has stated, “It really is that powerful.”

So this 4th of July, if you’re tired of food being a dictator in your life, and desperately want to make Peace with Food won’t you join us?

Why not make it “official”?  Let today be your Peace with Food Independence Day!

Your Robynn


Take-Home Message:  Make it “official”.  Today can be your Independence Day living a life of Peace with Food!

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