Do you hate doing dishes? I did too!

I AM SO EXCITED to tell you about my most recent discovery!

Ever since I got married, the #1 thing that annoys my husband is that the kitchen is always full of dirty dishes and cluttered counters. I will admit, I put off this task because I feel so overwhelmed by the endless pile of dishes. It seems pointless for me to spend so much time cleaning, when it is a never-ending job.

dishwasherFor years I have tried everything to fix this problem. I would start on “Monday” and make the kitchen top priority. Well you know what happened, I would get swamped with other things, get behind, and then the kitchen would be a mess again and I would feel like a failure. (Kinda like what we say about dieting, right?!)

A few weeks ago, I reached my breaking point. I could tell Doug was annoyed and I want to make him happy and fix this problem, so I asked myself some questions that were inspired by our book.

*What is the least amount of work I would have to do, to get the biggest return on my investment?

*What is 1 small step I could take to improve this current problem?

*What will bring me peace, now and in the long run?

After thinking about these questions, I knew I needed to experiment to find what would work for me.

THIS IS WHAT I DID: I decided it was okay to break the RULE that “They” say, which is to NEVER start your dishwasher unless it is completely full (because you are wasting money).

I made the realistic goal that every night, before I went to bed, all I had to do is start the dishwasher. Not clean the sink. Not load the dishwasher with more dirty dishes, simply start the dish washer with whatever was in it.

GUESS WHAT? It has worked like a charm. And now, every morning while the kids eat breakfast, I can unload the clean dishes, load up the dirty dishes, and start the dishwasher again. For whatever reason, this system keeps me from getting in over my head with a huge pile of dishes. Apparently starting fresh, with a dishwasher of clean dishes each morning, was enough to keep me on track.

Now this doesn’t mean that my counters are constantly clean, but it has certainly helped 🙂 Remember, you can’t be all-or-nothing. This is a huge improvement, even though it isn’t “perfect”.

Seems like such a simple solution and it has taken me over 10 years to figure out. But the important thing is→→now I know←←and I can continue to tweak and experiment with it if needed.

What is something you are constantly fighting with every day? Could you apply some of the same questions as above? How can your pitch the all-or-nothing mindset and forget the rules set by “They”?

(I figure the extra expense of running a 1/2 full dishwasher at night is worth the investment of not feeling overwhelmed every day 😉 Would you agree? )

Your Lara

3 thoughts on “Do you hate doing dishes? I did too!

  1. Lara, I have found that if you open the dishwasher while you are preparing a meal then instead of putting the dirty dishes in the sink just go ahead and put them in the dishwasher. When meal is prepared the dirty dishes are all in the dishwasher, except for what you are using on the table.


    1. I love this idea Carolyn! My only hangup is that Cade is small enough that he wants to play in the dirty dishes if I leave it open :-/ BUT, I enjoy the reminder because I have been disciplining myself to close the dishwasher for years, that even when my last is all grown up, I wouldn’t probably think to leave it open while cooking, as you suggested!! Thanks for sharing this!


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