Are you having a “fat” jeans day?

Oh, you guys.

This picture was taken while I was grocery shopping last week. Now that the weather is getting colder I grabbed these jeans and threw them on before I ran out the door to head to town.

As I was walking the food isles I couldn’t help but constantly be reminded by HOW UNCOMFORTABLE my jeans were making me feel. That’s right–they were s.n.u.g.


The funny thing is, I attempted to take this picture because I planned to write a post to you on how yucky I felt, but then I caught myself being surprised that the picture didn’t look near as bad as I felt. Remember in the book when we talk about the disconnect? This is a prime example of that!

Anyway, I still want to talk about how crummy I felt and what I did when I got home. I took the jeans, folded them up, and hid them away in a box. That’s right. Just the thought of seeing them hang in my closet was going to present too much negative energy, reminding me how unpleasant I felt when I wore them last.

Sure, I will probably pull them out some day, and try them on again. But in the near future, I need a break from them. I am going to wear clothes that make me feel good and not fat (I don’t like to use that word…but let’s face it…that is how some clothes can make us feel).

Are there some clothing items that you are surrounding yourself with, and they only serve as a constant remember at how much you hate the way you feel when wearing them? You don’t have to necessarily throw them away, but consider boxing them up for now. Today, let’s focus on surrounding ourselves with things that lift us up and make us feel GOOD. It is amazing how doing that will rub off on how you treat others, the food choices you make…and the smile you see in your eyes when you catch yourself in the mirror.

We have one choice to make today. To either remove negative energy so we can treat ourselves and others better OR let the negative energy hang around and underestimate the power it has over us.

Which will you choose?

Your Lara

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