Day 7 – 1% Change {90-Day Challenge} Choose Mr. Right!

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.
~Donald Trump

Day 7 - 90

Went to a wedding and messed up BiG TiMe!   😦

The main reason I over ate was because ever since I signed a contract with myself {three years ago} that I would never diet again, something in me rebels when I do anything that looks like a diet {like pass on WeDDiNg CaKe}.  The problem is that sometimes I take this to the extreme the other way and will even tell myself, Go ahead and eat it.  You are free to eat whatever you want.  Although this is true, much of what I was eating was not what I really wanted.  It was Mr. Right-Now food versus Mr. RiGhT food.  Ughhhh!!!

Bummer!!  This mess up really broke my string of successes and ultimately my momentum which I so desperately needed.  However, am reminding myself that failure actually turns out to be a good thing if I learn from it.  This is confirmation #171 that I have to eat in the BoUnDaRiEs of my points or I lose all peace.

Time to focus on my 1% Change – Perseverance!

Hashtag to self:  #stopwastingyourcalories

Your Robynn

P.S. You are seeing a snapshot of my life taken earlier this summer.  For the previous post in this series click  HERE.

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