Day 7 – 1% Change {90-Day Challenge} Choose Mr. Right!

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.
~Donald Trump

Day 7 - 90

Went to a wedding and messed up BiG TiMe! ¬† ūüė¶

The main reason I over ate was because ever since I signed a contract with myself {three years ago} that I would never diet again, something in me rebels when I do anything that looks like a diet {like pass on WeDDiNg CaKe}.  The problem is that sometimes I take this to the extreme the other way and will even tell myself, Go ahead and eat it.  You are free to eat whatever you want.  Although this is true, much of what I was eating was not what I really wanted.  It was Mr. Right-Now food versus Mr. RiGhT food.  Ughhhh!!!

Bummer!!  This mess up really broke my string of successes and ultimately my momentum which I so desperately needed.  However, am reminding myself that failure actually turns out to be a good thing if I learn from it.  This is confirmation #171 that I have to eat in the BoUnDaRiEs of my points or I lose all peace.

Time to focus on my 1% Change РPerseverance!

Hashtag to self:  #stopwastingyourcalories

Your Robynn

P.S. You are seeing a snapshot of my life taken earlier this summer.  For the previous post in this series click  HERE.

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The Difference Between Love It and Like It Foods

Close your eyes. Picture a special occasion where you are gathering with your closest friends and family. You are gathering for a feast. You knock on the front door, walk through the foyer, and spot the table. It is beautifully set with mouthwatering dishes of your favorite foods. As you step closer to get a better look, your eyes skim the array of your most desired indulgences. So what are they exactly? Could you list all of your favorite foods that were on that table?DSC_0030

Figuring out what foods you really love versus only like¬†will be helpful so you don’t end up¬†wasting your calories¬†on foods that won’t¬†get the appreciation they deserve.¬†Peace with Food¬†allows you to¬†eat what you want, as long as it gives you peace, and you’ll find the foods that give you the most peace are either your absolute favorites or are healthy and nutritious for your body. Foods that give you peace usually aren’t just mediocre to the taste buds and/or to your overall health (at least they aren’t for us!).

If we laid twenty candy bars out in front of you, and asked you to record your favorite, it might be too hard to choose just one. Why? Because they all look so good! As a result, you may be tempted to write down (and eat) several of them! So how do you figure out if you really like it or love it? Finding this love-it list can be hard for some people because we think we love them all. But at the heart of our desires we really only love certain dishes.  And when we take the time to discover these love-it dishes we can train our mind to block out the cravings for all the other like-it items on our list.

Another thing to consider is the temperature of the food you are eating or the environment in which you are eating. For example, I¬†love pizza when it is hot, but if it is room temperature I only¬†like it. When it is Christmastime I¬†love hot chocolate but any other time of year I only¬†like¬†it. I have learned that I don’t even bother eating pizza unless¬†it is warmed up to the temperature I prefer and I only keep hot chocolate on hand during the month of December. Don’t limit yourself to only the foods themselves. Consider all angles before you decide how you truly feel about it.

And instead of walking to your pantry or fridge to try and figure out what sounds good, really think about past experiences and foods that you really enjoyed and loved. We usually get different results when we are presented with too many options, so if certain favorite foods don’t come to mind initially, you may want to think twice about eating them. If you are anything like us, you are probably just eating some¬†foods because it is “there” and easily available, not because you actually¬†love them ūüėČ

Your Lara

Take-Home Message: Make your calories count by finding foods you either LOVE or provide nutrition for your body.

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Here is an example of what I posted yesterday…Capture

DAY 29- Peace Dare: Funk Survival Kit

One of the things that we have on hand during a funk day is our survival kit.  We each have our own selected items that help us make it through these uncomfortable and unpleasant times.  Take a look and then begin creating your own!

Survival Kit

-Cell phone to call Robynn
-Stopwatch for a¬†“timed task” (timing myself to complete a dreaded task in a small amount of time)
-Scentsy melts to burn
-Inspiring and motivating books on tape
-Graph paper to write a checklist to complete in a certain amount of time

-Cell phone to call Lara
-Inspiring Bible verses
-Graph paper to write a checklist to complete in a certain amount of time
-A list of errands to help make the time pass

Here are some things that do not help us on funk days:
-Surfing Facebook
-Running to the pantry
-Wearing sweatpants

Now it is your turn. Take the Peace Dare for today…


Posse Discussion: Do the Peace Dare above and share with your group.


lara-robynn1 (1)

DAY 16- What We Obsess About (But No One Else Thinks About)

What weIn college, I took voice lessons every semester as part of my music education degree. In order to graduate, one of the requirements was a senior recital. This concert consisted of a solo performance lasting over thirty minutes. Just the idea of singing that long makes a person’s throat hurt, and standing alone in front of a crowd with all eyes on you can bring one to even more of a panic!

My voice professor told me, ‚ÄúWhen you are up on stage, don‚Äôt worry about the audience and what they are thinking. Believe it or not, they won‚Äôt be thinking about you. People are too consumed thinking about themselves, they won‚Äôt focus solely on you for very long.‚ÄĚ

I had never given it much thought, but what he said seemed to be true. When you step inside someone‚Äôs new house, you typically think to yourself how you wish you had the same house or perhaps you compare it to your own home. If you see a child acting out in the grocery store, your thoughts immediately focus on how you, ‚Äúhope my kids don‚Äôt do that to me when I‚Äôm in public.‚ÄĚ Rarely do we pick apart the other person without eventually turning the focus back on ourselves.

The same applies to body image. Despite the stress of singing in front of a crowd, the one thing I was paranoid about during my recital was how chunky my arms looked in my performance gown. If I had asked every person in the audience what they were thinking as I stood on stage, I could almost guarantee no one would have mentioned my chunky arms.There is

We become so paranoid with certain areas of our body we forget that no one thinks about our bodies the way we do. If you lose weight, people look at you and think, ‚ÄúOh‚ĶI need to hit the gym.‚ÄĚ The focus on you may only be for a second but they are mostly thinking about how they need to eat better or improve a certain part of their physique.

So next time you are in a panic over a couple-pound increase, or a specific area of your body, remind yourself that no one else will even notice.

Keep calm and carry on. There is no need to fret over something no one else is even thinking about.

Posse Discussion: This week we talked about areas of our bodies in which we are self-conscious. ¬†Are you ready to “let go” of that area? ¬†How can you have peace with this part of your body? ¬†i.e. accept it, work to change it, change your perspective, etc.

Click here for more ideas on how to have peace with your body.

Your Lara




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DAY 12- Week of Body Image & Scale

This week we are talking about body image and the scale. This is an important aspect of Peace with Food because what we eat impacts our appearance and the number on the scale. So how to we get peace in these areas?

For starters, we need to end the Insane Cycle.¬†You know–that crazy cycle we get on when we obsess about an area of our body or a number on the scale. We get so fixated on these things we don’t think clearly anymore! We experience extreme highs (such as finally hitting a goal weight) and then extreme lows (such as gaining all the weight back after reaching our goal weight), and then we make ourselves go on another extreme¬†diet in hopes we’ll have a better outcome next time.

Or how about every time we look in the mirror and have feelings of disgust as we stare at areas of our bodies that we hate? This extreme focus on our physique causes us to pass up opportunities to go swimming with our kids or a double date with our friends from work. It causes us to miss out on life.with Body

There are things about a person’s¬†body that they can control, and¬†others that they can’t. They¬†can lose the weight–and we’ll help them¬†do that–but part of having peace means accepting areas of their¬†body that may be unrealistic to change. For example, if they¬†are always envying girls that are tall with long legs, having peace will mean¬†letting go of the fact that they¬†are only 5’3″.

We¬†have always been goal-oriented people but when we finally realized–by¬†accepting imperfections about our bodies–we could actually eliminate the daily pain of always wishing for something different. ¬†Once we did this, we began to have more peace in our lives.

We are not saying ¬†you need to give up on yourself or use what we say as an excuse to eat crummy. What we are saying is often times we can get so focused on something that we don’t zoom out and realize that some of the things we are chasing are either unrealistic or too big of a step for now. You will have to get rid of the¬†All-or-Nothing mindset and be willing to tackle small, achievable, goals in order to have long-term, realistic success.

So this week, we encourage you to “zoom out”and figure out what is a realistic, bite-sized goal you can make to achieve¬†your weight-loss success.

Posse Discussion:

1: What is one area of your body that you wish you could change?
2: What is your current level #peace in regards to your body image?  (Record date and # in your notebook)

Peace Chart2

The Peace Coaches





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DAY 4 – Week of Food

This week we are talking about FOOD. Yes, food! So to get started, I am going to share with you my #1 favorite and most helpful tool (a.k.a. skill) when it comes to food. I call it Don’t Waste Your Calories.

Initially you may be thinking that I’m meaning you need to count your calories and stay within a very specific calorie intake. Well, not so fast. Not wasting your calories, to me, is actually only eating foods that 1) Absolutely love OR 2)Benefit me nutritionally–that’s right, healthy foods!

You may be asking, “People only eat food they¬†love, don’t they?” (Unless, of course, they are on a diet.) ¬†Well that’s what I used to think! But once I started asking myself the following questions after¬†I put something in my mouth, my perspective changed a bit:¬†Do I really LOVE how this tastes? Do I just like it? Or am I just eating it because it is¬†available?

Let me give you some examples of ways I used to waste my calories:
-Eating leftover food from my kids’ plates as I cleaned off the table.
-Grabbing a few cold french fries as I get up from the table at a restaurant.
-Pizza crust (I never really realized how much I don’t LOVE pizza crust!)
-Random candy I found in the house or that kids left on the counter.
-An unopened bag of chips while I was cooking dinner.
-I am not hungry, but I head to the kitchen to try to “find” something that sounds good.
-Eating food that is easily available (food that is right there), not because I actually love it.

Don't Waste Your Calories

I have actually gone so far as to spit stuff out if I taste it and realize I didn’t love it. For example, I might take a bite of a cookie and notice it is stale as soon as it hits my tongue. There is no need to consume 50 calories of a stale cookie–that would be 50 calories I could use on something I actually enjoy!–so in that instance I would¬†usually spit it out in a napkin and throw it away. 50 calories here and there could really add up. Over the course of a month, look how many calories you could avoid simply by cutting out the foods that don’t meet your love¬†expectations!

Obviously there will be situations where you need to eat certain foods that you may not¬†love,¬†such as at a dinner party when it would be rude to spit it out. ¬†But majority of the time you have the ability¬†to stop or throw away what you are eating if it isn’t meeting your qualifications ūüėČ And remember, only you can decide what your taste buds desire the most.

So there you have it! To utilize the Don’t Waste Your Calories¬†tool, make every calorie count by either making sure you love¬†how it tastes or it provides nutrition for your body (or adjust this tool by defining it in a way that gives you peace!).

Posse Discussion:

Part 1: Name one food item that you have been wasting your calories on because you mindlessly eat it.
Part 2: If you were to eliminate this food item, what #peace would it give you (Use Peace Chart below)? If completely eliminating this item brings no peace, what can you do that would give you peace?

Peace Chart2

Your Lara




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