Making it Through Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and although Valentine’s may not pose the same kind of weight-maintenance hazards that the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays do, they still can be tempting, especially if you love chocolate or if you like to celebrate this special day in some way that includes food.


So, for this reason, I thought I would share with you my Valentine’s Day policy.  Although I wouldn’t consider V-Day a big temptation, there are a few things that could trip me up if I wasn’t careful.  For starters, Dove Chocolates wrapped up in that enticing pink and silver wrapping.  Yum! Even though I am not a big chocolate lover, these were the only sweets that sounded good during my pregnancy with my oldest daughter.  I now eat them every February for memories sake.

Another temptation for me is candy from my kid’s Valentine’s Day party.  Yes, I am one of those parents who likes to help myself to their candy windfall.  I love candy!

And lastly, my daughter’s birthday party complete with the meal of her choice and her double layer chocolate birthday cake.  But out of all those, I think the thing most challenging about this holiday is the lingering candy that can stick around for days if I let it.

Hence, the reason I created my own Valentine’s Policy:

I call it my 24-hour policy.

Here it is:  Candy can only be in my house for 24 hours.  Then it has to take a hike.  Whether that be to give it away, or throw it away, it has to go.  (By the way, this policy also works great for Halloween!)

So, yes, I enjoy the day with all the special events that accompany it, but once that 24-hour period passes, it is time to get back to normal eating.

Once you know your boundaries, you can also create your own Valentine’s Day policy.  Or Thanksgiving Day policy.  Or 4th of July Party policy . . .  Or any other event that proves to be an eating challenge.

So don’t let these special days and events steal your peace or your enjoyment.  Create your own policies based on your boundaries!  And have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

Your Robynn




Take Home Message:  Create your own policies based on your boundaries!  



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