DAY 26- How to Deal with the Funk

We don’t know about you but if we have too many days where we are not being productive or focusing on something that makes us excited we experience, what we call, the funk!  We could go days maybe even weeks where we feel stuck, lack motivation to do anything, are not very excited about much, and focus on all the flaws and negative things going on in our lives.  with the Funk

Sounds familiar? Unfortunately, as humans, we will all experience these type of days from time to time even if we are living at peace with food. But the good news is, there are things you can do to make funk days less miserable.

As we always say, you need to Know Yourself in order to find what will give you the most peace. So that is exactly what we encourage you to do when coming up with a plan of attack for your funk days. You need to take note of actions and things that consistently make you feel better, even in situations that aren’t particularly pleasant. By learning to turn to these survival kit items, you will handle funk days with more ease, which will also result in better eating.

When you experience a funk day, try to pick yourself up by finding the quickest way to reverse those feelings.  Whether it is taking a bubble bath or painting your toenails a crazy color, do something to repel the funk and change your way of thinking! If your outfit makes you feel sluggish or overweight, then go put on something that usually makes you feel better.  If your house feels dirty start by burning your favorite candle.  If you can’t kick a bad thought go turn on a fun song or do something to distract your mind for a while, such as call a friend!

Posse Discussion:

What is your current level #peace on how you respond to an unexpected funk day? (Use the Peace Chart below)

Peace Chart2

lara-robynn1 (1)

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