10 Reasons Why Peace With Food Works and Diets Don’t

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We have heard it said that you can become an expert in your field if you practice it long enough and hard enough.


That makes us experts at discovering that diets don’t work. Our guess is that many of you reading this are also experts in this arena as you too have spent years proving from personal experience that diets and rules just don’t work!

Maybe you’ve read our stories and are thinking that this Peace with Food thing sounds pretty good.  At least you would like to hear more.  Maybe you even want to give it a try. What’s the next step?

First things first.

When we started off on our quest for peace in the area of eating (as well as peace with our body and our life in general) we came to the realization that Peace with Food is worlds apart from diets.

So, if you want to have Peace with Food you will need a paradigm shift, a totally revamping of the way you approach eating, weight loss, and your body.

As we look back at the lessons we have learned, we want to share with you what we think are the main differences that we have found between Peace with Food and the typical diet.  We are sure there are more, but this is a good start:

(click on each underlined “reason” to read more about each)

Reason #1: There is no cookie-cutter approach in Peace with Food.

Reason #2: A number on the scale is no longer the center of your universe in Peace with Food.

Reason #3: Peace with Food is sustainable – for life.

Reason #4Peace with Food relies on skills, diets on willpower.

Reason #5:Peace with Food recognizes that there are more factors involved in your happiness and health than just the physical aspect.

Reason #6: Peace with Food is principle based whereas diets are rules based.

Reason #7 & 8Peace with Food is transferable to the rest of your life, diets are not. Peace with Food allows you to enjoy life starting today, not the distant future.

Reason #9Peace with Food brings you freedom, diets leave you deeper in the hole.

Reason #10: Peace with Food follows peace, diets a plan.

We will be writing about each of these 10 characteristics in more detail in the upcoming posts so stay tuned. But for now, we’ll leave you with the Take-Home Message:

Peace with Food will require a paradigm shift, a revamping of the way you approach eating, weight loss, and your body.

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