Use the Resources You Have

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That is the word you could use to describe us when we started off on this journey of Peace with Food.  We basically knew nothing regarding the subject except that we didn’t have it.  But we began anyway, starting with what we had – a deep desire and determination to find what had eluded us for so long.  Along with that determination, we had a commitment to see it through no matter what.  We would not stop searching until we had found Peace with Food.

So, off we set, using the few resources we had.  Trust us when we say, it was not pretty.

We failed . . .  And we failed . . .  And we failed some more.

But we were undaunted and resolute, refusing to quit, because deep down inside we knew we were onto something.  From the moment we promised our selves we would never diet again, a new peace came into our lives.  It was tiny – just a little seed – but it was more peace than we had ever had before and so we persisted.

And as we continued, we stumbled upon a principle that would become a big part of Peace with Food:

If you want more resources, begin using the ones you already have.

We discovered that faithfulness with what we already have, regardless how small, is the key to getting more.

This is what we call using the resources you have.  Whether it be time, money, ideas, or opportunity, instead of wishing for something we don’t have, we have learned to just come up with our best plan and move forward.  It might not be ideal and we may wish we had more resources, but we press on.  And invariably we find that as we continue on, more opportunities come our way.

So what are your resources?  Jot them down if that helps you.  Try to include everything you can think of.  Here are some categories to get you started:  money, time, relationships, talents, experience, education, opportunities, age, circumstances, your gender, your influence, your personality, geographic location, your job/career, your past, your present, character traits, and your life.

You may be surprised to see that you really do have enough to take that first step.  So, go ahead,   Use the resources you have.  🙂

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Take-Home Message:

If you want more resources, use the ones you already have.


Why Diets Don’t Work: Reason #2



Reason #2:  Making a number on the scale the center of your universe is a fruitless endeavor.

As kids, we can become very attached to our favorite toy, blanket, or stuffed animal. It is as if these beloved items have a magical power over us, a force that is so powerful it can stir up the fiercest beast in the smallest person. Hide a kid’s blankie or stuffed animal right before bedtime and you can witness this phenomenon first hand. It is meltdown on the spot. Who knew these items could have such a powerful hold on such a young soul?

As adults, we may graduate from these childhood items but then replace them with other security blankets. This differs for everyone. It may be money, achievement, position. . . but for some of us, our magic blankie is a number in our head of our dream weight. It is the answer to all our problems, the center of the universe.

And even if we do reach that number (which many never do) there still remains a void. That’s because a number on the scale was never meant to satisfy your soul. But peace, well yes, peace has the power to do exactly that!

Now, that’s not to say you can’t have a goal number you would like to weigh. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, we encourage you to know what weight range you feel best in and set goals to get there, but expecting a number to “complete you” is a fruitless endeavor.

How do we know this? Because we’ve been there a hundred times. We went on a diet and reached our goal weight, but instead of experiencing excitement and joy, we were jolted with disappointment and disillusions.  Our so-called magic number didn’t produce the peace we had expected.

But when Peace with Food came into focus that all changed.  That’s because a number on the scale was no longer the number we obsessed over.  Instead, we were inspired and motivated by a number that trumps all other numbers: #PEACE. Now, we ask ourselves this: On a scale from one to five, how much peace do I have in regards to my eating and body?

It no longer matters what the scale says.  If the number on our peace-meter is any lower than a four, we know we have to make adjustments so our number and happiness is better next time.

What number would appear if you were weighing in on your peace in the area of eating and your body?  This is the number that you have control over. Consider changing your focus from a number on the scale to the number on your peace.  We think when you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that your goal for the scale will eventually catch up.

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Take-Home Message:

The number that trumps all numbers is the number on your peace.  One to five, how peaceful are you in your eating and in your body?  It doesn’t matter what the scale says, if the number on your peace is any lower than a four, it is time to make adjustments.