Day 23 – 1% Change {90-Day Challenge} Get Understanding


You must take personal responsibility.  You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.  That is something you have charge of.
~Jim Rohn

Day 23 - 90

Today is a fresh start.  And I have a BriGhT OutLooK.  🙂

I’m at a conference, in Atlanta, where I am becoming a Certified Human Behavior Consultant by one of mentors, Dr. Robert A. Rohm.

One of the things that I have heard Dr. Rohm say over and over is, “AbOvE aLL eLsE, get understanding.”  This training is teaching us how to UndeRsTaNd OuRseLvEs aNd OtHers.  I’m hoping I can use this incredible wisdom and apply it to Peace with Food.

As I think about this statement, “Above all else, get understanding.”, I realize that HeReIn LiEs tHe SeCrEt to Peace with Food – Get Understanding.  Until you understand yourself and your relationship to food, your body, the scale, and your thoughts on this subject, as well as how to Follow Peace, you can never experience Peace with Food.  It really is that simple.

I have come to learn that the more understanding I have, the more peace I have.

Hashtag to self:  #getunderstanding

Your Robynn




(P.S. You are seeing a snapshot of my life taken earlier this summer.  For the previous post in this series CLICK HERE.)


Day 19 – 1% Change {90-Day Challenge} Hang On


{This post is for the person of faith.  If that’s not you, no worries.  You can read it if you like or simply bypass it.}

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
James 1:2-4 (NIV)

Day 19 - 90Wow.  Things don’t seem to be letting up at all.  Today I am facing such great discouragement.  I’m down.  Maybe even sad.

It doesn’t help that it is a downpour outside.  And on top of that there is other stuff going on in my life that contributes to tHe FuNk.

My father had emergency brain surgery this past week.  At times we didn’t know if he would make it.

I feel like I have been punched in the stomach and have had all the air knocked out of me.  BUT, I’m holding on.  Today I am specifically holding on to hope by saying James 1:2-4 out loud over and over and reminding myself that the testing of my faith produces perseverance.  Yes, this test is producing the very thing I am after!

If you find yourself in a season of funk, HaNg On.  This ride won’t last forever.

If, on the other hand, life is bliss, I hope to join you soon.  You can just file this away for down the road when you are facing a rainy day.

However you find yourself today, know I’m thinking of ya and SeNdiNg a PrAyEr that you’ll be strengthened and encouraged as you FoLLoW PeAcE.

Hashtag to self:  #hangon

Your Robynn

P.S. You are seeing a snapshot of my life taken earlier this summer.  For the previous post in this series click  HERE.

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Announcing the Release of our Book!

Hi There Friends!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of our book:

Peace with Food:  Eat What You Want.  Never Diet Again.  Live a Happy Life.


Who is this book for?

If you want to live a healthier life; are tired of being controlled by food, the scale, or the nagging dissatisfaction of your body; and/or want to FuLfiLL YoUr MiSsiOn in life, this book is for you!!  

What can you expect from the book?

Greater levels of PeAcE and FrEeDoM with food than you have ever experienced before.


How can I have Peace with Food?

  • Step #1:  Read the Book
  • Step #2:  Get Your Posse! – Start your own or join one on Facebook.
  • Step #3:  Be Intentional and begin to experience peace today!

How is {{Peace with Food}} different from all the rest?

Peace with Food is sooooooo different from your typical diet and weight loss book because it is not a diet!!  And you can do it for life!

Here are a few ways  that our book is different from all the rest {{there’s too many to mention to list them all!}}:

  1. ThE PeAcE CoAcHeS –  We are the experts in Peace with Food.  We have decades of experimenting under our belt.  Why reinvent the wheel?!  We know what works and what doesn’t and can help you save valuable time so that you can focus on the important things in life!  We will be your mentors and cheerleaders, helping you on your P E A C E journey!
    L  R Media Kitfotor
  2. ThE uLtiMaTe RaTiNg ScaLe.  {{Yes, we do have the ultimate rating scale which, by the way is not the scale you step on!}}
  3. There is No OnE-SiZe-FiTs-All ApPrOaCh in Peace with Food, but rather The Peace Coaches will help you create your own unique strategy tailored exclusively for you!
  4. There are also No RuLeS in Peace with Food!  Instead you will learn to follow Follow Peace!

When is this book available?

The book is being released on August 22, 2015.

Where can I find out more information?

You can find the book on our Peace with Food website {{}} or at

You can also contact us at: or 620-432-0173

Best Regards and As Always, P E A C E!

The Peace Coaches

Peace with Myself

peace with myself

Much of my life I spent not liking myself.  I wouldn’t say that I hated myself, but there was always some aspect of myself I was trying to change. Have you ever had a remodeling project that just went on and on?  I did. My remodeling project was me!

I tried to change everything from those things that I could change to those things that I couldn’t.  (I always wished I was more funny and more articulate like some of my friends.  Those are two qualities I really admire!)  When it came to my overall peace level it was in the gutter. However, once Peace with Food came into the picture and I began living at peace, I soon realized that I could use those same principles to help me find peace with myself.

How about you?  What is your peace level with yourself?  If you were to rate yourself on a scale from 0-5 (5 being high and 0 being no peace at all) where would you fall?  Do you like yourself?  Do you accept yourself?  Do you give yourself grace, knowing that you are a work in progress?

I have learned that having peace with myself is really important because when I wasn’t at peace with myself, I wasn’t at peace with others or the world around me.

It was a process that is continuing to this day and it looked something like this:

First, I had to understand that I am a masterpiece, uniquely created, a one-of a kind.  I am Designed to be a “10”.

Secondly, I began to the process of knowing myself.  This involved taking the time to find out about my personality, strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and tendencies.

Third, once I began accepting myself as is, it was then time to begin working on my expectations of myself.  Too often my expectations were jaded and unrealistic.  At times I had an all-or-nothing mindset and other times I didn’t expect enough of myself.

I overcame these unrealistic expectations by creating Optimal Zones in my life – boundary lines that not only include giving myself grace, but also boundary lines that include realistic expectations.  This zone consists of an acceptable range – the minimum requirement – all the way up to the ideal standard.  As long as I hit the acceptable range I know I am in the ballpark.  It may not be my ideal and I may strive to do better the next time around, but I know that I at least hit the Optimal Zone.

And finally, I began to follow peace and the best way for me to follow peace was to rate my peace on a regular basis and then choose the options that gave me the greatest #peace.

Here’s the condensed version:

  1. Understand and believe that I am a masterpiece.
  2. Know myself.
  3. Begin creating realistic expectations by determining my Optimal Zones.
  4. Follow peace.

This is the path I followed to having peace with myself.  I hope it helps you in your journey to peace with yourself.

Your Robynn



Take-Home Message:  We can have peace with our self.


Day 5 – Eat What You Want

Now before you come unglued by the title of this post, please hear us out.  We understand that eating whatever you want is a total paradigm shift – a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.*  And let’s face it.  We don’t let go of our assumptions without a fight.  So let us explain what we mean when we say you can eat what you want.

For years we tried to eat what everyone told us to eat.  We did our best to conform and comply to their rules, but it never brought us peace.  When we began our Peace with Food journey however, we took a different approach – that of a scientist.  With this mindset, we didn’t try to manipulate the results, but instead we were open-minded and unbiased about the outcome.

That was our approach.  We just wanted to experiment to see what really worked.

Eat What You Want

So, in the spirit of experimentation, and using the resources we had, we set off, clueless as to what we would discover.

Feeling so deprived of being able to eat foods we loved, we gave ourselves permission to experiment with eating the foods we most loved.  And when we did we were shocked (in a good way) to see the #peace go up.  It was unbelievable because we were breaking all the diet rules, yet our peace was through the roof.  And although we allowed ourselves to eat whatever we wanted, we learned early on that if we wanted our #peace to stay up we couldn’t eat as much as we wanted.  There were limits.  These limits were similar to the the lines on a highway.  Going over one line can lead you in the ditch and going over the other line into oncoming traffic.  Neither scenario is good, so the lesson we learned was this: keep it between the lines.

Yes, initially we were eating what might be considered a lot junk food, but this was the first time in our life we were doing it with permission and in moderation and the end result was peace. As we continued to pursue peace in this area over time, we saw that we desired to eat healthier foods, not because we had to or because someone was telling us to, but because for the first time in our lives we actually wanted to!

This was a major breakthrough for us.

Peace with Food gave us A Power we had never known to choose healthy eating in a way that dieting never could. It was unbelievable. Now before you think that we are giving you permission to eat anything regardless the results, remember, our whole mantra in Peace with Food is to Follow Peace.  Poor health and excessive weight gain doesn’t give lasting peace, so eating in a way that is detrimental to your health would be a deal breaker. For us eating “junk food” for a period of time brought peace because it counteracted the effects of extreme deprivation. It allowed us to psychologically uncoil from years of strict dieting and rule following.  It was as if we were making up for all those years of dieting, but doing so in moderation and in peace.  Finally, after all the experimentation, this is what we found to be the most effective:

 You can eat whatever you want, as long as it brings you peace.

So these days, before we decide to eat something, here are some questions that we will ask ourselves:
-Will eating ______ bring me peace?
-Will the way I will feel after eating ______ bring me peace?
-What quantity of ____will bring me the most peace?
-If I don’t eat _____will I regret it and then end up eating something else later to try and “make up” for it?
-Will eating_____bring me peace or make me feel deprived if I pass it up?

You may be thinking, “There are no foods that give me peace because eating anything causes me to gain weight”. We can understand why you would initially think that. But to further explain, read some of the ways we eat in peace.

Lara Says:
-Eating birthday cake with my kids brings me peace because I know if I pass up that special moment it will make me feel deprived (and, I LOVE cake!). Plus, if I don’t eat it I will have regrets later, resulting in raiding the pantry to make up for it.
-Currently what brings me peace, is allowing myself to eat one or two cookie dough balls and a glass of milk every night. I enjoy indulging in this treat in the evenings, after the kids are asleep in bed–the house is quiet and I can savor every bite. It is the most relaxing part of my day. Earlier in the day, if I am tempted to eat other random sweets, I remind myself that my evening snack (and relaxation time) is what I look forward to the most, which helps me avoid wasting my calories on other cookies I may be tempted with.
-Drinking pop with pizza is another food that brings me peace. I am not a huge pop drinker, but when it comes to pizza I really love having it! Typically pop would be a waste of my calories, but if I try drinking water with pizza I usually regret it…which means I head back to the kitchen later that evening trying to satisfy the desire, even thought moment has passed.  Over time I’ve learned that letting myself enjoy pop with pizza is what brings me the most peace–and actually saves me more calories in the long-run because I’m not trying to “make up” for it later!

Robynn Says:
-Thanks to Peace with Food, Robynn actually gave up diet pop.  Before PWF she had many unsuccessful attempts at kicking this habit. But with her new PWF mantra of “Follow Peace” she determined she wasn’t willing to give up one more day laying in bed with a splitting headache as her family enjoyed life without her.  Does she miss pop?  Sure.  But does she have greater peace not drinking it to avoid the headaches it caused her?  Yes!
-Drinks with calories are a waste of calories for Robynn.  Every once in a great while she will enjoy a hot cocoa on a cold wintry day or an ice cold glass of lemonade on a summer day, but for the most part, caloric drinks are an easy way for her to eliminate unnecessary calories.

It is important to mention that what brings you peace today may not bring you peace later. If Lara finds that pop becomes something she “likes” with pizza, but doesn’t “LOVE” then she will switch back to water or make adjustments to find what brings her peace at that time. People change. Moods change. Try to avoid doing things because it is routine, and instead, be more conscious about asking if your actions are still bringing you peace.

This is what has worked for us.  Now it’s time to find out what works for you.  Remember, you have to know yourself. Know your health and physical condition. Eating junk food may wreak havoc for you with your current health condition which would result in no peace.  If you suffer from celiac disease, you’re not going to find peace by disregarding your condition and diving into a plate of pasta.  Maybe that would give temporary satisfaction, but it’s end result would not give peace.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all so find what works for you!

Are there foods you love, but have made off-limits?  Is it time to reintroduce those foods and allow yourself to enjoy them in moderation?  Do your own experiment and see how it works:

 You can eat whatever you want, as long as it brings you peace.

Then report back to us and tell us what you have discovered!

Posse Discussion:
1-Do you agree with being able to “eat what you want, as long as it gives you peace”?
2-Do you have any questions after reading this post? If so, what are they?

The Peace Coaches

*This is Google’s definition for paradigm shift.

**For the majority of people, this principle applies. However, because there is no one-size-fits-all, you may have to adjust this according to your specific needs. This would include, but is not limited to, those who are diabetic, have celiac disease, or some other issue requiring strict monitoring of food intake.

DAY 1- Rate Your Peace

Hey everyone–Happy 2015! Today begins our 30-day PWF challenge, so let’s get started!

If we were to sum up Peace with Food in a word or phrase it would be this:

Follow Peace

But if you’re new to pursuing peace that may be too abstract.  You may be wondering, “What exactly does Follow Peace mean?  What does peace look like?  What does it feel like?”

We’ve come up with a tool, a “peace gauge” if you will, to help you rate your level of peace. Our inspiration came from Lara taking her daughter to the ER where she was shown a chart consisting of different facial expressions, ranging from happy to sad, and numbers to rate her pain.

Below is a similar assessment to help identify your level of peace. Throughout the 30-Day PWF Challenge we will be asking you to rate your peace in different areas:  food, exercise, your body, the scale, etc.  At first it may be challenging to pin point where you fall on the chart, however, you will find that as you continue to practice, you will eventually master this skill.Peace Chart2

We were thrilled to find the peace chart doesn’t just work in the area of food, exercise, and your body, but in other areas of life as well. For example, when Lara becomes overwhelmed with her schedule she stops and asks herself to rate her peace on each of her committments. By identifying what activities are lacking peace she may decide to decline them in the future, or make changes so her peace level goes up.

Believe it or not, learning to follow peace in the area of food will actually help you follow peace in other areas of your life too. That’s right, Peace with Food is transferable, which is why we continue to say that it has literally changed our lives in SO MANY ways!

So let’s begin by rating our peace today…

Posse Discussion: Using the chart above, what #peace would you rate your current relationship with food? (Write the date and your answer in a notebook b/c we will be referring back to this number later)

*If you haven’t started a posse group yet, we encourage you to use the “Posse Discussion” green questions/topics at the bottom of our posts to help facilitate your group discussions. If you don’t have a posse group, please join our group! All you have to do is share your answer by commenting at the bottom of this post or join our facebook page!


lara-robynn1 (1)





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Find What Fits

find what works

Have you ever tried to put on someone else’s clothing and found they were too tight or too loose?  Maybe the fit wasn’t the issue, instead it was the style.  It just wasn’t you.

The same holds true in eating and exercise.  As you begin experimenting with what works best for you, there will be some approaches that are too tight. They will prove to be way too restrictive.  Some will be too loose. They don’t provide the appropriate boundaries to keep you in check.  And lastly, there will be plenty that are just not your style.

Don’t worry if it takes a little time to find the perfect fit.  The important thing is that you keep trying until you find what works best for you.  With each failed attempt you can cross one more approach off your list.  As the saying goes:  No harm, no foul. One step closer to finding what does work.

This is one of the Peace with Food mantra’s:  Find what works for you.

This approach is applicable not just in the areas of eating and physical activity, but in every other aspect of our lives.  Just because “everyone” else is doing something (which is never really the case), that doesn’t mean that we need to be involved in what they’re doing.

Are you feeling pressure to do something that your friends, family, or colleagues are doing?  If so, take the pressure off yourself and find what works for you.


Just follow peace.  When you do, you’ll begin to find those things that are the perfect fit for you.

The Peace Coaches


Take-Home Message:

Find what works for you.




Why Diets Don’t Work: Reason #10


Reason #10:  Peace with Food follows peace, diets a plan.

Maybe you think that following peace and not a diet sounds too good to be true.

Well, the good news is that it is TOO GOOD and best of all it is TRUE.

We are living proof.  And the cool thing is this:  Our lives have not only changed in the area of our eating and the way we view our body, but also in every other area of our life! Following peace has literally given us a 180.

Yes, Peace with Food is a 180 from diets.

So what does it mean to follow peace, you’re wondering?

Following peace simply means that you are making choices that you will not only be happy with now, but also choices you will be happy with down the road.  Peace with Food sees the now as well as the big picture.

One way we have learned to follow peace is to give our selves permission to eat the foods we love {even if these foods are considered “bad” by some}.  We know that depriving our selves of these foods is a recipe for disaster.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t set limits on the food we love. We still have to use wisdom because there is no peace in excessive weight gain and poor health.

Another way we have learned to live in peace is in choosing our physical activity.  Because Lara is not a fan of traditional exercise, she stays fit by being active around the house doing DIY projects and chasing kids.  Robynn, on the other hand, likes working out, but she doesn’t want to be tied down to a workout plan, so she constantly mixes it up with running, light weights, and workout videos.  When the weather is nice she takes it outdoors.

That’s just a sampling of what we do.  The question is, what works for you?  What choices will give you peace in the now as well as in the future?  That is the answer you are after.

That is what it means to follow peace.

lara-robynn1 (1)



Take-Home Message:

Follow peace by making choices that bring you peace not only now but in the future as well.


Why Diets Don’t Work: Reason #5

Reason #5:  There are more factors involved in your happiness and health than just the physical aspect.

Life happens

One of the things we really disliked back in our dieting days was the way those diets made us feel.

In a nutshell – like lab rats.

They dictated when we could eat, what we could eat, and in some cases even where we were to eat. The setting was very controlled and the rules very strict.  And there were no exceptions.  Period.

And in theory, if you had no other factors influencing you, this might work.  But as we all know, that’s just not the case.

Life happens.

Your kids have birthdays with cake and ice cream.

Thanksgiving does not get postponed just because you are on a diet.

And if your diet does occur after the new year, the Super Bowl still goes on as scheduled, along with the Super Bowl party complete with Buffalo wings, nachos, pizza, and chips.

No, life does not get cancelled just because we are on a diet.

So, what is one to do?

Here’s what we did:  We embraced life as it is, with all the events that make it uniquely our life.  And the only way we knew to do this is to pitch the diet and follow peace.  When we learned to follow peace instead of a diet we learned a healthy balance of eating the foods we loved and moderation.

Your situation may be different than ours.  Maybe you have a physical condition that restricts you from eating certain foods.  Peace with Food for you may involve avoiding certain foods all-together or at the very least, limiting them. That is the beauty of Peace with Food.  It is a customized plan that works uniquely for you!

If you are like we were back in our dieting days and are tired of being treated like a lab rat, why not give Peace with Food a try? Regardless your situation, you can find peace in the complex, yet wonderful thing called Your Life!

lara-robynn1 (1)



Take-Home Message:

Embrace life as it is, with all the events that make it uniquely your life.  How?  Pitch the diet and follow peace.