It’s time to assemble your Posse. Posse4-6-2011-064

If you asked us what our most valuable resource was while working toward peace with food, we would say having someone to share the journey. Being able to travel along with another person was the cherry on top, if you will.

Utilizing your posse makes the experience easier, more enjoyable, and helps keep you focused on what you are working toward: Peace (which will ultimately result in weight loss).

The reality is, even though we knew the end result would be peace, the human side of ourselves had moments when we got impatient with the results. We were often tempted to go for the quicker, diet mentality, because it is plastered everywhere in our society—the Internet, television, magazines, you name it. It was easy to question if working this out—slow and steady—was really going to pay off. Luckily, we never shared these feelings of doubt at the same exact time. By being able to talk to one another, it always brought the doubtful one back on track. Yet another benefit to having a posse.

If at all possible, we encourage you to take this road trip to peace with food with someone else. If you can’t think of anyone to share it with, that is okay too. Don’t let that keep you from starting. This book is designed to help anyone, whether it is one person or an entire group. Again, you have to know yourself, so do whatever you feel is best for you!

Whether driving solo or with a group, we have included a Posse Discussion Guide to help facilitate your journey. You can decide how to break up the suggested discussions in order to accommodate the pace and time you want to devote to each. A blank notebook would also be helpful to journal your responses.

Gather your posse frequently. Share your thoughts on the discussion guide together. Have everyone read the assigned chapters and answer the coordinating Rest Stop and journal questions before each meeting. This way you can use your time to discuss your findings and responses as a group.

Follow up meetings would be beneficial in the months after your group discussions have concluded. This will serve as your accountability to check in and share struggles and victories. Use this time to help one another by sharing your recent experiences in your walk toward peace with food.

After brainstorming with your posse, make notes of ways you can adjust what you are currently doing and schedule follow-up conversations if you feel the extra support will be helpful.

No matter what you chose to do, there is no right or wrong way to work through this. The most important thing is to get started.

If you have already finished the Posse Discussion Guide with your group, check out our posse Activities for more ideas to do with your group!




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