It Pays to Be Nice!

Buddy and ScottI love this pose of our puppy, Buddy.  And of my husband Scott.  Both are classic.

For Buddy, this pose is the very thing that caused us to choose him over the 20+ other puppies.  While all the other puppies jumped on us, in out-of-control-puppy fashion, Buddy, politely sat looking up at us with those innocent, puppy-dog, dark brown eyes.  We were suckers.  He had us at “HeLLo”!

Buddy clearly set himself out from all the rest and we knew that he was “ThE OnE”.

The funny thing is that I was set on getting a female.  We had a girl’s name picked out and had purchased pink and purple studded collar and lease, a pink crate, and other girl dog accessories.  But even though Buddy did not meet the qualifications and requirements, he was still chosen all because he was N I C E!!

How that lesson parallels life.  Often times the most qualified person, or the person who seems to meet all the requirements get passed over by some unlikely candidate, all because they were the more gracious person.  There is a saying that, people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust.  I’m sure it could be said that people want to do life with people they know, like and trust, as well.

So, today, I am pondering how I can be a bit more FriEndLy, PleAsaNt, and KiNd.  Who can I say “Hello” to that I might otherwise pass by?  Who can I give a smile, pat on the back, or other gesture to let them know they are important?

Hmmmmm. . .

Your Robynn




6 thoughts on “It Pays to Be Nice!

      1. I doing Periscope now, M-F6am.
        Ahhhh! All I can see is my wrinkles. But i have to remember, “It’s not about you.” ( meaning not about me) If God wants to use this He will. But pray for me. Ahhhh. I do really want to help others find the freedom that God has graciously given me. He is so wonderful.


      2. Oh, I’m considering doing a book share/ study on my periscope. Would that be alright with you.
        I only have 5 followers. Ha ha. So unless God changes it, that won’t help your sales, except by 5. LOL!


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