Live in the Moment

The future starts today, not tomorrow.
~Pope John Paul II

It was story time at the local library. That is where our friendship began. It all started when Robynn came up to Lara and introduced herself…we spoke of things that many acquaintances would: our hobbies, kids, life, etc…

Fast forward two years. Our friendship had grown and, although it was more than surface level, not once had we shared our secret struggle with food.

Whether it was dieting, weight gain, feeling controlled by food, or ambivalence in knowing what to eat, for years we both experienced the same vicious cycle.

Although the degree to which we struggled was different, we shared the same battle. We certainly were not living in peace and we were tired of this scenario. We knew there had to be a better way. Bottom line we wanted to Live It: Live each day to the fullest, at peace, not obsessed with food, our bodies, or the scale. We wanted to savor life with all its highs, lows, and everything in-between.

One key component of peace with food and our Live It concept is contentment. Gaining contentment will finally allow you to make the best of your circumstances. Instead of always wanting to change them, you can use your circumstances to your advantage. With a Live It mindset you can at last enjoy your current place in life even if it’s not where you want to stay.

Where do you need to Live It? Is it buying clothes that fit and flatter? Is it being comfortable in your bathing suit because your kids want to hit the pool? Or maybe you have been postponing fun activities until you reach your goal weight. Whatever it is, don’t waste away the now. Instead, Live It today. After all, looking perfect in a bathing suit isn’t what’s most important. Reaching your goal will come, but there is no reason to put your life on hold in the meantime.

Are you tired of these insignificant factors controlling your life? Are they stealing the precious, limited time with those dearest to you? What are you waiting for? Waste no more. Peace with food is about embracing the present moment. Start investing in what matters most and begin Living It today!

The Peace Coaches

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