DAY 20- The Marathon Myth

the marathon myth

Being a runner, one of my goals was to run a marathon.  It was one of those things on my bucket-list – or what Lara and I call our Live-It List.

And although I wanted to run a marathon for the purpose of accomplishing a worthwhile and challenging goal, I must confess I also had ulterior motives.

To lose weight.

I was convinced that a marathon would solve all of my weight issues.  So off I went following a training schedule to a T.  I was committed and focused.  I would run a marathon and be set free from my weight problems for life!

Wow, was I misguided.  On marathon day, my weight was actually up nine pounds from what it had been just weeks before.  I didn’t fare much better the second time around either.  Two weeks after the marathon I had gained all my pre-marathon weight and more. *sigh*

What a valuable lesson.  As awesome as marathons are, they (and all other workout programs) are not the magic bullet for my weight issues.  I had to get to the heart of the matter and deal with the reason I struggled with my weight and food in the first place.  It wasn’t because I wasn’t working out enough, it was because I had an unhealthy relationship with food.

Until I dealt with that issue, my weight issue would continue to be lurking in the shadows.

Now, I’m not telling you exercise isn’t important because it is for so many reasons – it helps you live longer, strengthens your heart and lungs, makes you feel better, improves your confidence, improves your brain, helps you look better.  . . Need I say more?  So if you are not exercising, please consider finding some physical activity that you love to do and then do it regularly.

But don’t expect it to do something it was never designed to do – fix your food issues.  That, my friend is up to you.  😉

Posse Discussion:

Have you ever signed up for a workout program in hopes it would be the magic bullet? Share your answer with your posse.

Your Robynn




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6 thoughts on “DAY 20- The Marathon Myth

  1. I made a commitment to make 5000 steps a day until Feb. and I have gained weight since starting this. I am cutting out all deserts and breads to help.

    Here I am at the last 10 pounds of my journey. I have lost 70 pounds very easily, it seems now. This week has been the hardest part. I have been talking to God much about it.

    I had a friend (in Heaven now) that once told me “satan always attacks at the beginning or the end.” I wonder if this is what is happening now.

    I seem to be in a fight. I know I have a ministry and I do want to help others find freedom from the bondage of excess weight, food addiction, and dieting, etc.

    But I am confused and struggling now. I am almost ready to quit this “5000 steps”challenge. I do feel this is a real learning experience.

    Thanks for listening, Deborah


  2. HI Deborah. Thanks for sharing this. I had read your frustration on your blog the other day and was meaning to respond. Your situation sounds very similar to what we have experienced before.

    -Did you start cutting out all desserts and breads before or after you started committing to the 5000 steps a day?
    -Have you been more hungry since you started increasing your daily steps?
    -Have you noticed a change in your eating–even the slightest change–since you started the 5000 steps/day?

    I may have an idea, but wanted to get some more insight on your situation first. ~Lara


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