DAY 13- How to Have Peace with Your Body

There are many ways to have peace with your body and today we are going to share four of them:

#1: Realize that everyone has to deal with imperfect circumstances. We thought we’d share this video to encourage you that, although things may look perfect on the outside, they may not be as they seem.

#2: Focus on your uniqueness and eliminate comparisons with others. Often what steals our peace is comparing our body image to others. We can relate to this! Read Robynn’s story about her obsession with Carrie Underwood Thighs, here!

#3: Keep the balance of your peace across the board. Working out seven days a week may give you peace with your body, but at the expense of other areas of your life (such as family time).  That being said, how can you find a compromise to avoid your peace being off kilter in other areas of your life? Could you have peace with working out 4 days a week (even though you won’t have as toned of abs) but also keep the peace at home by using the 3 other days as “family time”? How to have Peace with your Body

#4: Use words of affirmations to retrain your thoughts. If you want to reprogram how you feel about yourself you will have to change your negative self-talk by replacing it with positive affirmations.  What do you want your life to look like?  Begin speaking your desires for your life rather than all the negative things you dislike about it.  Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “We become what we think about all day long.”   This is a powerful habit that can literally change your life!  When creating your own affirmations begin with “I am . . .” or “I have . . .”, keep it in the present tense, and keep it positive.  An example would be, “I am living at peace with food and have a healthy and fit body I love!”

You could use also use the serenity prayer. See our examples below and then create your own serenity prayer…

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change:
For Robynn, help her accept that her drumstick-shaped thighs won’t be exactly what she wants.
For Lara, help her accept her larger-upper body since some of it is genetic.

courage to change the things I can;
For Robynn, give her courage to be okay with the body results she gets in exercising no more than 30-minutes a day (the amount of time that brings her peace)
For Lara, give her courage to have confidence in the arms that she has, as she is not willing to invest the time required for toned arms.

and wisdom to know the difference.
Help me accept my imperfect self and focus on the most important things in life.

Posse Discussion:

Out of the 4 suggestions we give to finding peace with your body, which one do you think will be most helpful and why?


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