DAY 8- How Lara Eats

Show & TellHey Friends!

Wanted to share a thought…I used to never like carrots. In fact, most of my life I cringed when I saw a carrot! It reminded me of my days as a child, when I would go to my Mom and say, “I’m hungry!” She would usually reply, “Go have a carrot.”

It’s not that I hated how carrots tasted–and my Mom was only trying to offer me a healthy option–but now that I am an adult, and have learned how to apply PWF by eating foods I LOVE, I now do this:

I eat carrots, but allow myself to have them with ranch dressing. Turns out, I LOVE it.

In my dieting days, having “unhealthy” ranch dressing with my carrots would be a “No-no.” Due to this, I would avoid carrots altogether and turn to unhealthy food because I figured if I can’t have ranch dressing I might as well rebel and eat junk! How silly is that?! But if allowing myself to add a little bit of ranch to this snack is going to help me LOVE it, I think it is a better option than going for potato chips or sweets, don’t you?

Watch the video below for another way I eat healthy by pairing it with what some would consider a “No-no.”


Posse Discussion: Is there a healthy food that you would eat if you could pair it with something that is considered “unhealthy”? Share with your group!

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