What Exactly Is Peace with Food?

birthday cake





When defining Peace with Food, we think painting a picture may be a better strategy, so here goes:

Peace with Food is . . .

  • feeling young, regardless how old you are.
  • eating birthday cake at your kid’s birthday party.  (And not feeling guilty about it.)
  • attending your class reunion – and doing so in confidence.
  • no longer having food torment you.

Peace with Food is all these things and more.  A life free from the obsession of food.

It doesn’t matter if you are the overweight person who fantasizes about it or the fit person who is consumed with counting it (calories, points, units, etc), if it doesn’t give you peace, then know there is a better way.

Peace with Food helped us to reclaim our life from this insane cycle.  Now it’s your turn.  What does Peace with Food look like to you?

Posse Discussion:

1.) Does food torment you?  If so, how?
2.) What does Peace with Food look like to you?

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