DAY 29- Peace Dare: Funk Survival Kit

One of the things that we have on hand during a funk day is our survival kit.  We each have our own selected items that help us make it through these uncomfortable and unpleasant times.  Take a look and then begin creating your own!

Survival Kit

-Cell phone to call Robynn
-Stopwatch for a “timed task” (timing myself to complete a dreaded task in a small amount of time)
-Scentsy melts to burn
-Inspiring and motivating books on tape
-Graph paper to write a checklist to complete in a certain amount of time

-Cell phone to call Lara
-Inspiring Bible verses
-Graph paper to write a checklist to complete in a certain amount of time
-A list of errands to help make the time pass

Here are some things that do not help us on funk days:
-Surfing Facebook
-Running to the pantry
-Wearing sweatpants

Now it is your turn. Take the Peace Dare for today…


Posse Discussion: Do the Peace Dare above and share with your group.


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DAY 16- What We Obsess About (But No One Else Thinks About)

What weIn college, I took voice lessons every semester as part of my music education degree. In order to graduate, one of the requirements was a senior recital. This concert consisted of a solo performance lasting over thirty minutes. Just the idea of singing that long makes a person’s throat hurt, and standing alone in front of a crowd with all eyes on you can bring one to even more of a panic!

My voice professor told me, “When you are up on stage, don’t worry about the audience and what they are thinking. Believe it or not, they won’t be thinking about you. People are too consumed thinking about themselves, they won’t focus solely on you for very long.”

I had never given it much thought, but what he said seemed to be true. When you step inside someone’s new house, you typically think to yourself how you wish you had the same house or perhaps you compare it to your own home. If you see a child acting out in the grocery store, your thoughts immediately focus on how you, “hope my kids don’t do that to me when I’m in public.” Rarely do we pick apart the other person without eventually turning the focus back on ourselves.

The same applies to body image. Despite the stress of singing in front of a crowd, the one thing I was paranoid about during my recital was how chunky my arms looked in my performance gown. If I had asked every person in the audience what they were thinking as I stood on stage, I could almost guarantee no one would have mentioned my chunky arms.There is

We become so paranoid with certain areas of our body we forget that no one thinks about our bodies the way we do. If you lose weight, people look at you and think, “Oh…I need to hit the gym.” The focus on you may only be for a second but they are mostly thinking about how they need to eat better or improve a certain part of their physique.

So next time you are in a panic over a couple-pound increase, or a specific area of your body, remind yourself that no one else will even notice.

Keep calm and carry on. There is no need to fret over something no one else is even thinking about.

Posse Discussion: This week we talked about areas of our bodies in which we are self-conscious.  Are you ready to “let go” of that area?  How can you have peace with this part of your body?  i.e. accept it, work to change it, change your perspective, etc.

Click here for more ideas on how to have peace with your body.

Your Lara




Click Here for Day 17!

30-Day PWF Challenge

We are so excited to announce our…30-Day Challenge

Starting Date: The date of your choice!

#1 Read Our Stories for encouragement and inspiration!  Our intent in sharing these with you is to let you know that you are not alone in this journey.  You can do this.  You can have Peace with Food!

#2 Read Peace with Food . . . to give you an overview of what Peace with Food is all about.

#3 Read Get Your Posse!! and then begin asking friends, family, and/or colleagues if they want to join you in the 30-Day Peace Challenge, so that on Day 1 you are ready to hit the ground running! Here are some ways you could plan to do the challenge together:
-Correspond with your group via email
-Plan to meet during lunch
-Schedule a time to “walk and talk” about the challenge every week
-Create a private Facebook page for your group
-Get creative on how to correspond with your group—have fun with it!

Here is an example of how you could do it on Facebook:


#4 Read Time to Celebrate! and find your own way to celebrate your new beginning and your new life!

What to Expect: Daily posts focusing on different aspects of Peace with Food. The daily posts are listed at the end of this post for quick retrieval.  Each day you will read the post that corresponds to the day you are on. You might consider jump-starting your experience by discussing with your posse the four posts we have linked above.

Throughout the challenge, you will find “posse discussion” questions and prompts at the bottom of various posts. Feel free to copy and paste the material to help initiate conversations within your group. As we said, be creative and feel free to create your own conversations based off the information we share. The key here is to open up, share your struggles and successes, learn from one another, and begin walking in peace!

Life is better together. Go find one or more of your friends today and get the Peace with Food conversation started! The 30-Day Peace Challenge will be here before you know it!

We are so excited to do this with you!! If you have any questions, contact us!

The Peace Coaches

COPY & PASTE the link each day, along with the posse discussion question for your group to answer. (Scroll to the very bottom of this post for examples)

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Peace Dare: Bite #1

Hey There!  Glad you’re with us!

PWF Testimonial: One of Robynn’s friends decided to apply Bite #1 at a Mexican restaurant she visits frequently with her family.  Before this concept, she would order a Pepsi to go with her meal.  Although it was just the first few sips that actually tasted good, she would drink the whole glass because she was thirsty and it was “there”.  However, after she heard this concept she began ordering her Pepsi, but also a water.  After three sips, when the soda no longer tasted good, she would give it to her husband and instead drink her water.

What a great way to apply this principle!

So, now it’s your turn!  Take the Peace Dare:Peace Dare Bite #1h

Have fun with it, savor your food, and experiment how each bite tastes!  If you have a buddy you can share your results with, please do!

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