Day 67 – 1% Change {90-Day Challenge} Intentional

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.
~Napoleon Hill


Day 67 - 90

Here’s a question for you.  Do you go throughout your day on pilot or are you living on purpose?  Do you plan ahead and then do what’s necessary to complete that plan or do you just let life happen to you?

If we want to live our BeSt LiFe EvEr it will require that we be intentional.  John C. Maxwell says that being intentional is deciding on the front end and then taking action.  Some people call this being proactive.  It’s being in the frame before the action happens instead of after the fact when there’s nothing that can be done about it.

As we finish up this 1% Change {90-Day Challenge} take note.  HoW InTeNtioNaL ArE YoU?  What can you do to become more intentional?  What type of system do you need in place so that you can be intentional.

All are questions worth pondering.

Your Robynn




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Day 61 – 1% Change {90-Day Challenge} Finding What Works

I have not failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
~Thomas A. Edison

Day 61 - 90

If you have ever been to a kids bowling party you have probably seen the BuMpErS that are placed on both sides of the lane ensuring that the bowling ball will knock over at least one pin and not go in the gutter.

This system of bumpers on the lanes GuArAnTeEs that these kiddos will all have some level of success at the game of bowling.

There is a principle here, providing us with a GrEaT LeSsOn for life:

Implementing effective systems in our lives will ensure that we’ll be successful at the game of life.

Ever since Lara and I started on the Peace with Food journey we have been experimenting with systems – food and non-food related.  Some of those systems worked and were adopted and others failed and were abandoned.  Implementing the systems that worked for us individually is what has brought us SuCcEsS.

Let me share a few of my systems:

  • EaTiNg BrEaKfAsT – In the past, I would eat a high-carb breakfast at 6 a.m. which left me famished by 9:30 a.m. and made me feel like I was on a diet {because “the rules” said I couldn’t eat until at least 11 a.m.}.  This made me feel so defeated I would just throw in the towel and eat.  And since I was already breaking one rule I would go all out and chow down!
  • SnAcKiNg – One bad habit I had was to graze like crazy until I had no idea how much I had eaten.  Now I snack on fruits and vegetables.
  • CrEaTiNg TeMpTaTiOn FrEe SpAcEs – I don’t keep chips, sweets, and tempting foods in my pantry or fridge.  I only have them when they are truly a Mr. Right food, have made a plan to enjoy them in moderation, and then remove what’s left.
  • BeInG InTeNtIoNaL – Spending time with my planner each evening, planning the next day.
  • IdEa CaTcHeRs – Keeping note pads and pens around the house, my wallet, and in my car so that I can jot down the many ideas that pop in my head.  These include:  exciting ideas that I want to pursue professionally, mental reminders to complete a task such as, “I really need  to pick up the dry-cleaning.”  Or an inspiring thought.

Those are just some of my systems.  With every “failure” and new experience I keep adding new ones.

What are your systems that help KeEp YoU On TrAcK?

Your Robynn



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Announcing the Release of our Book!

Hi There Friends!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of our book:

Peace with Food:  Eat What You Want.  Never Diet Again.  Live a Happy Life.


Who is this book for?

If you want to live a healthier life; are tired of being controlled by food, the scale, or the nagging dissatisfaction of your body; and/or want to FuLfiLL YoUr MiSsiOn in life, this book is for you!!  

What can you expect from the book?

Greater levels of PeAcE and FrEeDoM with food than you have ever experienced before.


How can I have Peace with Food?

  • Step #1:  Read the Book
  • Step #2:  Get Your Posse! – Start your own or join one on Facebook.
  • Step #3:  Be Intentional and begin to experience peace today!

How is {{Peace with Food}} different from all the rest?

Peace with Food is sooooooo different from your typical diet and weight loss book because it is not a diet!!  And you can do it for life!

Here are a few ways  that our book is different from all the rest {{there’s too many to mention to list them all!}}:

  1. ThE PeAcE CoAcHeS –  We are the experts in Peace with Food.  We have decades of experimenting under our belt.  Why reinvent the wheel?!  We know what works and what doesn’t and can help you save valuable time so that you can focus on the important things in life!  We will be your mentors and cheerleaders, helping you on your P E A C E journey!
    L  R Media Kitfotor
  2. ThE uLtiMaTe RaTiNg ScaLe.  {{Yes, we do have the ultimate rating scale which, by the way is not the scale you step on!}}
  3. There is No OnE-SiZe-FiTs-All ApPrOaCh in Peace with Food, but rather The Peace Coaches will help you create your own unique strategy tailored exclusively for you!
  4. There are also No RuLeS in Peace with Food!  Instead you will learn to follow Follow Peace!

When is this book available?

The book is being released on August 22, 2015.

Where can I find out more information?

You can find the book on our Peace with Food website {{}} or at

You can also contact us at: or 620-432-0173

Best Regards and As Always, P E A C E!

The Peace Coaches

1% Change {90-Day Challenge}

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.
~Vince Lombardi

Hi there Friends!

Up for a ChAlleNge?  How about a 1% Change {90-Day Challenge}!?

1% Change 90 Days

For 90 days we are going to focus on making a daily 1% ChaNgE.  Just think of how much all those daily 1% Changes will add up to over the course 90 days!

During these 90 days we will be sharing encouraging posts for inspiration and encouragement.  The beauty of this challenge is that you get to choose what your one change will be!  So pick OnE ThiNg.  Yes, for us all-or-nothing types this will be a challenge, but we can do it, we can narrow it down to One Thing!

As you contemplate what your One Thing will be, that thing you want to make a 1% Change in, you may want to consider the following question by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan in their book The One Thing:

What’s the One Thing I can do such that by doing it everything will be easier or unnecessary?

Pick whatever you want, but make these 90 days count!  Pick something that is going to really add value to your life.

As you are thinking about your One Thing, let me share with you mine.  For the next 90 days I want be GrOwTh OriEnTeD.  I want to focus on growing my character.

This includes showing up each day, being InTeNtiOnaL and working on persevering when times get tough, discouraging, or challenging.

If, at the end of the 90 Days, I make positive changes in my character, I will consider this challenge a SuCcEsS.

So, now it’s your turn.  Let me know what your One Thing is!

GeT YoUr PoSsE!  We are about to begin the 1% Change {90-Day Challenge}!  See you tomorrow – Day #1!

Hashtag to Self:  #pickonething

Your Robynn

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Are You Growing?


Woo-hoo!!!  Today was the last day of school!

It is SUMMER and I am excited!  Can you tell?!

This morning before my girls went to school I took their height measurements.  I kinda thought they had grown a lot this year, but Whoa!! they had both grown at least three inches!!

Today if you were to measure your personal growth would you see progress from the past 6-12 months?

My kids grew because, among other things, I continually fed them.  And I did this daily.  I didn’t see their growth over night, but wow, what a difference a little bit makes over a period of time.

When it comes to your personal growth, what are you doing to grow your character?  Are you reading/listening to any inspiring, personal development books or talks?  Are you hanging out with people who have the type of character you admire and desire?

Growth isn’t guaranteed.  It only comes by being intentional.

So, if you’re thinking about what books will make it on your summer reading list, why not consider putting a personal growth book towards the top?  Reading (and reflecting on) it will constantly raise the mark on your growth chart. . . Without you even realizing it.

Hope you have a great kickoff to your summer!

Your Robynn


Stay Out of the Margin!


Remember being in grade school and getting in trouble for writing in the margins?  I found out the hard way that there is actually a much more profound lesson to be learned from that elementary experience than I had originally thought.  And I learned that lesson the really hard way after walking in a few minutes late to the school lunchroom where my daughter was waiting for me to join her for lunch..

In tears.

Although I was just a couple minutes late,the tears were flowing down her face.

And I felt horrible.  (Not to mention this happened on the first day of her state testing.  Double whammy!)

I promised myself, then and there, that I am finally going to get serious about correcting this bad habit of living life in the margin.  Turns out the margins are there for a reason: to protect me from myself!  That’s right.  I need all the safeguards I can get.  So, I am intentionally beginning to build margins into my life.  No more trying to cram everything into the smallest amount of time possible.

Instead I’m transitioning from begin task oriented to principle oriented.  This may take me awhile to get down but I’m committed.  Time to put that elementary lesson to good use.

Keep you posted!

Your Robynn