Day 31 – 1% Change {90-Day Challenge} Embrace the Moment

Day 31 JE

I’ve had a ReVeLaTiOn, an “Aha” moment and it is so good!

My response to trials and difficulties has been to try to get out of them as quickly as possible.  But I’ve come to realize that God’s right here in this hard place.  ThAt’s where HiS gRaCe iS for me.  So if I want to try to get out of this trial I’ll be on my own.  I won’t be where His grace and power are for my life. Journal

So, Girl, sit back and relax!  EmBrAcE tHiS pLaCe and this moment.  God’s got you here and this is where He is at.  .  .

There’s no other place I’d rather be!

DaY 31 PeRseVerAnCe RaTinG:  4

Hashtag to self:  #embracethemoment

Your Robynn

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