Peace Dare: Bite #1

Hey There!  Glad you’re with us!

PWF Testimonial: One of Robynn’s friends decided to apply Bite #1 at a Mexican restaurant she visits frequently with her family.  Before this concept, she would order a Pepsi to go with her meal.  Although it was just the first few sips that actually tasted good, she would drink the whole glass because she was thirsty and it was “there”.  However, after she heard this concept she began ordering her Pepsi, but also a water.  After three sips, when the soda no longer tasted good, she would give it to her husband and instead drink her water.

What a great way to apply this principle!

So, now it’s your turn!  Take the Peace Dare:Peace Dare Bite #1h

Have fun with it, savor your food, and experiment how each bite tastes!  If you have a buddy you can share your results with, please do!

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