DAY 27- Our Policy for Funk Days

funk Days

Rainy days are sometimes associated with being unproductive and depressing. Sunny days, on the other hand, are usually connected with being motivated and feeling good.

A funk is very comparable to a rainy day. Sometimes the forecast shows thunderstorms for an entire week and other times it only lasts a day or a few hours. This is why having a pep talk with yourself will be so crucial during your funk days. You may feel like it will last forever, but remind yourself—realistically—it doesn’t last long, especially if you can help speed up the process.

Even though most people think of rainy days as being bad, do you ever have rainy days that actually make you feel good? Believe it or not, I do! Rainy days force me to be inside, so I utilize this time by snuggling up with my kids, catching up on scrapbooking or doing some deep cleaning around the house. Those things can be rewarding, but I won’t want to be doing those types of activities once the weather turns nice. I am always excited when the sun decides to pop out, but I don’t feel guilty for lost time because I know the “rainy days” were not wasted.

If you allow yourself to eat as much as you want or to stop exercising whenever you’re in a funk, you’ll be further behind when your emotions get back on track. But, if you push through a funk by riding out the rainy day, you’ll be way ahead of the game once the sun begins to shine.

We’ve instituted a policy for funk days.  Here it is:

  • We take advantage of a “rainy day” by doing activities we wouldn’t want to do once we start feeling better.
  • We don’t let our minds roam.  Instead we turn them off and get into action.  This is a great time to clean or take care of those errands that don’t require brain power, but a horrible time to do a lot of thinking.
  • We are careful what we say.  In fact, we prefer to keep our mouths shut and just be quiet during these times.
  • We make no decisions during funk days.  There’s a reason why.
  • We ask ourselves, “Am I sleep deprived?”  If so, this is a fabulous time to catch up.
  • We understand that this too will pass.
  • To rebel against these negative intruders (aka fickle feelings) we find something nice to do for someone.  Bonus points if they never find out we are the ones who did.

Posse Discussion

Share 1 policy that you can do to help diminish the impact of your funk days.

Your Lara