Day 64 – 1% Change {90-Day Challenge} The Right Kind of Pain

We must all suffer one of two things:  the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.
~Jim Rohn

Day 64 - 90

If the above quote is true (and I think it is), I then have to ask myself the following question,

What kind of pain am I currently experiencing in my life, ThE pAiN Of DiSciPLiNe OR the pain of regret/disappointment?

Today I am pondering this question in the following areas:

  1. PeRsOnAL
  2. ReLaTiOnShipS
  3. FiNaNcEs
  4. PrOfEsSiOnAL
  5. SpiRiTUaL

Must admit, I am experiencing the pain of disappointment and regret in some of those areas.  TiMe To Do BeTtEr.  And I will do this intentionally by reflecting and then making the necessary adjustments.

Lesson Learned:  Pain isn’t always a bad thing if you are experiencing the RiGhT KiNd Of PaiN.

Your Robynn



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Day 61 – 1% Change {90-Day Challenge} Finding What Works

I have not failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
~Thomas A. Edison

Day 61 - 90

If you have ever been to a kids bowling party you have probably seen the BuMpErS that are placed on both sides of the lane ensuring that the bowling ball will knock over at least one pin and not go in the gutter.

This system of bumpers on the lanes GuArAnTeEs that these kiddos will all have some level of success at the game of bowling.

There is a principle here, providing us with a GrEaT LeSsOn for life:

Implementing effective systems in our lives will ensure that we’ll be successful at the game of life.

Ever since Lara and I started on the Peace with Food journey we have been experimenting with systems – food and non-food related.  Some of those systems worked and were adopted and others failed and were abandoned.  Implementing the systems that worked for us individually is what has brought us SuCcEsS.

Let me share a few of my systems:

  • EaTiNg BrEaKfAsT – In the past, I would eat a high-carb breakfast at 6 a.m. which left me famished by 9:30 a.m. and made me feel like I was on a diet {because “the rules” said I couldn’t eat until at least 11 a.m.}.  This made me feel so defeated I would just throw in the towel and eat.  And since I was already breaking one rule I would go all out and chow down!
  • SnAcKiNg – One bad habit I had was to graze like crazy until I had no idea how much I had eaten.  Now I snack on fruits and vegetables.
  • CrEaTiNg TeMpTaTiOn FrEe SpAcEs – I don’t keep chips, sweets, and tempting foods in my pantry or fridge.  I only have them when they are truly a Mr. Right food, have made a plan to enjoy them in moderation, and then remove what’s left.
  • BeInG InTeNtIoNaL – Spending time with my planner each evening, planning the next day.
  • IdEa CaTcHeRs – Keeping note pads and pens around the house, my wallet, and in my car so that I can jot down the many ideas that pop in my head.  These include:  exciting ideas that I want to pursue professionally, mental reminders to complete a task such as, “I really need  to pick up the dry-cleaning.”  Or an inspiring thought.

Those are just some of my systems.  With every “failure” and new experience I keep adding new ones.

What are your systems that help KeEp YoU On TrAcK?

Your Robynn



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