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Fotor2Lara is an entrepreneur at heart. Little did she know when ending her teaching career in 2007 to become a stay-at-home mom, she would start a thriving business.

Born and raised on a farm in Kansas, Lara was thankful for the country lifestyle and made special childhood memories with her three sisters. Despite savoring her upbringing, she had dreams of moving to a big city. In college she met her husband, Doug, also a farm kid, and moved to St. Louis, MO shortly after graduation. Life continued to go the direction she’d always dreamt about. A couple years later, to her surprise, they found themselves missing life on a farm. Today, you can find them back in Kansas, living on her husband’s childhood farm where they couldn’t be happier raising their three children Leanne, Garrett and Cade.

Although life lead Lara in a different direction than anticipated, she is happy to be raising her children in the same environment in which she grew up. During the busy farming seasons, she enjoys helping her husband when she can—taking him meals and visiting during his breaks, while their kids play in the dirt.

When she isn’t tending to her children or enjoying time with her husband, you can find Lara working on some type of project whether it be a home decor remodel, a new book, or pondering her latest dream.


It’s a small town, but a great big life. That’s the way Robynn feels about the little Kansas town where she lives with her husband Scott, a surgeon, and their two daughters Sophia and Isabella.

Like Lara, Robynn grew up on a farm and her experiences growing up have given her a great appreciation for the simple pleasures of life: driving by corn fields in the summer, watching her children chase fireflies on a hot summer night while listening to the cicada sing, the nostalgia of fall and a high school football game, the first snowfall, and her husband’s cooking and humor.

Robynn has always loved working with people and helping them become the person they were designed to be. She was able to fulfill this passion when she became a high school science teacher. After six years of teaching she realized that although she loved teaching kids, she didn’t want to teach science any longer, but rather, teach people how to pursue their dreams.

Besides raising her daughters and maintaining a home and marriage, Robynn spends her time involved in church, teaching junior high and high school kids how to find their purpose, writing books, and speaking. She also loves to reads books that are motivating and inspiring and learn about self-development. Her hope is to someday pursue her dream hobby of renovating/building cottages, furnishing them, and then giving them away to veterans who have been wounded in combat.